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 I have recorded my experiences and the education of my personal slave Toytoy in some books. They have been published on amazon as paperback and eBook. Search amazon for the keyword "Lady Sas" to get my books displayed. For example: 

200 Ideas for BDSM Sessions. Femdom – Malesub. Fresh ideas and inspiration for your next session

Fresh impulses and ideas keep every relationship alive and vibrant. The experienced Femdom Lady Sas from Frankfurt/Main has compiled 200 exciting, lustful and erotic ideas for you. Get inspired and use these ideas to make your next session a special highlight. 

The 200 ideas are divided into six categories:
1. SessionPlay: Ideas for a classic session between Mistress and slave.
2. Role-playing: Ideas for a different role and setting.
3. MindGames: Psycho games for the brain cinema.
4. Humiliation: Ideas on how to make the slave’s cheeks blush with shame.
5. Chastity Control: Ideas for a slave wearing a chastity belt.
6. PartyPlay: Ideas for Femdom parties or games with several Femdoms. 

"It was very enjoyable to read and you have some amazing and creative ideas :) You have given me some lovely lifestyle ideas!" – Domina Liza, UK

Femdom Academy

The private Mistress Lady Sas lives BDSM. She writes one of the most popular Femdom blogs in Germany and shares her BDSM expertise in this course.

This book is aimed at Femdoms and subs, singles and couples, beginners and advanced, who are looking for a contemporary course and guide to BDSM. With many helpful tips and countless practical ideas for great sessions and shining eyes.

“Femdom Academy” goes far beyond BDSM basics and is also aimed at advanced players who are open to fresh impulses. 

Suddenly Domina – my secret life as a private domina

This book tells how it all began. Lady Sas is a private BDSM Mistress from Frankfurt in Germany. In her book she allows the reader to share her private BDSM play, and provides a graphic and vivid description of how she trains and uses her slave. (Not for faint-hearted readers!) The narrative and literal climax of the book is her joint session with Lady Cornelitas, in which her slave is taken to his physical and psychological limit – and even beyond… 

Exchange of Slaves

Domina Lady Sas is a private Mistress from Frankfurt in Germany. After her first book "Suddenly Dominatrix", where she describes her first steps, she now reports as an experienced and strict Mistress about a very special game. She exchanges slaves with the attractive, sadistic Lady Judith in a hotel in Hamburg. Lady Sas is now in control of the beautiful slavegirl Lisa. And Lady Judith can dominate und use slave Toytoy. In her report Lady Sas shares the night in a very open and frank way.

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