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Miss May: The Fetish Webmistress

Miss May
The Fetish Webmistress aka Miss May aka Rachel May is a Lady with many talents. She offers a Design Service for the Fetish, BDSM and Erotic Industry and is a leading expert in the fields Fetish Photography, Web Design and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). In other words: Miss May gives us wonderful, outstanding pictures of Femdoms, which we can admire on beautifully designed websites. Let's find out more about her in this interview.

Lady Sas: Dear Rachel, how did you get in touch with BDSM?

Miss May: Straight sex left me a little underwhelmed and when Madonna published her SEX book I knew there was more to it then just the “ol’ in-out in-out” When I moved to London in 1999 a chance meeting led to an introduction to the London fetish and BDSM scene. Happy Days :)

Interview with The Fetish Webmistress Miss May

Lady Sas: You offer photography, website design and SEO for the Femdom, erotic BDSM and Fetish industry. How did this specialization come about?

Dominatrix Iris in Paris by Miss May
Miss May: The chance encounter I mention above was also my opportunity to start working as a web designer and photographer for the fetish and BDSM community. At that time one of my clients was an escort and when the Tart Cards were banned, her and I busied ourselves with making sure her website was all over the search engines and online directories. Google didn’t even exist! So I have been following the SEO trends for around 20 years. I have been lucky enough to have worked with many of the great professional dominatrixes after I’d been recommended by others. Word of mouth has been my greatest form of networking and I am grateful everyday.

Lady Sas: Please explain to my readers what SEO is. Just to get a quick idea about it.

Miss May: Search Engine Optimisation is a series of steps that needs to be carried out on your website in order for Google (or other search engines) to consider your website relevant enough to be listed in the top of their search results.

Lady Sas: As I've been told, Google is now very intelligent and very good at recognizing websites with good content. Where can SEO still make a difference, if you already have great content working with headlines, stories, photos, videos and so on?

Miss May: You may have a perfectly optimised website but Google still needs to be made aware of its presence and this can be done for example, by submitting your sitemaps to the Search Console or by creating content that other high quality websites might want to share. Figuring out your special niches and creating content around those can be your secret weapon.

Miss May about the Future of Dominas on the Internet

Lady Sas: What developments do you see for the next few years regarding the presence of Dominas on the Internet?

Miss May: I foresee the Femdom industry taking control of its presence on the internet so that it no longer has to rely on established mainstream platforms nor those run by men. There have been many websites in the past that have not found much success but I do believe the time is coming where the Femdom community is ready to support someone, doing something more bespoke within the niche.

Mistress Gina Regina by Miss May

Mistress Evelyne of London by Miss May

Lady Sas: You take mindblowing pictures of Dominas. Do you use image editing programs? How far can you go to be serious here? For example, is it okay to make a Lady's wrinkles disappear? Won't her client be surprised when meeting her?

Miss May: Thank you! I do love to create amazing imagery of women, especially those with such strong characters and unique personal style. I believe that the camera and the high resolution images that it captures now days are not necessarily accurately recording what the human eye sees. Softening shadows under the eyes or smoothing out a few bumps here and there isn’t going to create a great surprise especially when the transformation process from daywear to Domme-wear is such an integral part of a session.

Lady Sas: Have you ever met Ladies where you thought: hey, they must be crazy!
Miss May: All the time!

Miss May about Fetish Photography

Lady Sas: To shoot great erotic photos I imagine very difficult. How do you proceed?

Miss May: A good personal connection between my client and I, will always result in a very successful photoshoot. I try to get to know my clients before the actual shoot though it’s not always possible. A good understanding of the subject and the target market also helps a lot! I have personal experience in many different facets of fetish and BDSM and I think it helps that I can get into the headspace of both my client, and those they are aiming to attract.

Lady Sas: How do you come up with ideas for your photos?

Miss May: Usually when I am getting to know my client something will come up that will trigger an idea. Interesting locations and daring situations feature a lot in my work.

Lady Sas: What inspires you in your work as a photographer?

Miss May: I love portraiture and I love to show women and their individual qualities to their best advantage. Light, colour and composition turn me on. I love fashion and art, classical paintings spark many an idea, though mostly for my studio work.

Lady Sas: What are your plans for the future?

Miss May: I really need to redo my website! It’s a bit slow and clunky. I am hoping to promote my SEO services more over the next 12 months and of course my photography services. I may explore video and editing. 

Lady Sas: Thank you very much.

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