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Mistress Anuskatzz: The Lady who Dances out of Line

Mistress Anuskatzz
Mistress Anuskatzz can be found in the studio "Der FemDom" in Zurich. Any attempt to describe her must fail. That's why I'm not even trying. Just one more thing: This lady is dancing out of line. Find out how and why in this interview.

Lady Sas: Dear Anuskatzz, you are working as a domina. How did this happen?
Mistress Anuskatzz:
I have been living BDSM since my youth, for me it is my outlet, my retreat and my way of expressing myself. Through our company Dirty Dreaz, which is a mixture of Art Porn and art, I decided to go public with it. We often have test persons for films on set who haven't really come into contact with BDSM themselves. So I often take over the leading task of guiding people and taking them into the world of BDSM, which gives me a lot of pleasure. So it was obvious to do this wonderful job on a higher level and so I decided to make my life into a profession.

Interview with Mistress Anuskatzz

Lady Sas: What is behind your name "Anuscatzz"?
Mistress Anuskatzz: Anuskatzz is actually only a likeable or absurd playful gimmick with my favourite area - the anus. Already at the beginning of life it is a very important organ for us, which gives us satisfaction and the daily use of it has to do even with an emotion of liberation and benefit. Balast evaluating and cleaning. 

One of my favorite activities in the BDSM is stretching, playing and fisting. That's why my name often turns into a program. The cat with two Zz is based on my company Dirty Dreaz, because all test persons in the movies are allowed to create a stage name which should end with Z. Since I am the co-founder of the project, I have two Zz! Besides, I just like Katzz's pronunciation. It has something very elegant but also superior-ruled. What a cat is like.

Lady Sas: Your visual appearance is your trademark. How would you describe yourself to a blind man?
Mistress Anuskatzz: A very unusual question! I don't really want to have to explain my outward appearance to anyone. I want you to find out, that you can record my voice and session and because of that you know that I am a little bit more extraordinary. Therefore, I would invite a blind person to an audience with me and would rather ask him how he imagines my appearance.

Tattoos and Dreadlocks

Lady Sas: What do you want to express with your optics?
Mistress Anuskatzz: I would like to underline with my optics only my inside. For me tattoos and dreadlocks don't mean to be unkempt. It can also contain something very elegant and extraordinary that I want to embody. With me you don't get the normal domina look and that's a good thing.  I want to remain true to myself and be as authentic and extraordinary as I am.

Lady Sas: How do the people on the street react to you? Are you often contacted or photographed?
Mistress Anuskatzz: I don't love the medium of photography, therefore I always reject photos that are shot only for myself or to present myself. It is a very ambivalent relationship for me when people approach me and speak to me, because they often lack a certain courtesy, which always frustrates me very much.

Lady Sas: Let's leave aside the outward appearances, how would you describe your inner being?
Mistress Anuskatzz: I have not yet fathomed my inner being myself. It is wonderful to create and rediscover myself over and over again, because I need the diversity in my life to not restrict myself. The most important thing for me is to live out my life and to be happy and I experience that without making any compromises.

BDSM is colorful, creative, versatile, exciting

Lady Sas: What's kicking you at BDSM?
Mistress Anuskatzz: BDSM is colourful, creative, versatile, exciting and a huge outlet for everyday life. There is nothing more unique and intimate than to accompany people beyond their own borders and thereby create a boost of self-confidence. At least so the theory, in practice it looks quite different, just for the service of the domina...

I have never been and I will not stick to the average conventions in this "scene", because it no longer seems authentic to me and I am bored.
I don't want to move mountains, but remain true to myself and what I embody. Being different does not only depend on the outer appearance, but starts in our soul.  I don't need to try to embody anything that I'm not and I don't want it at all.

It requires the highest degree of trust to be able to drop. For me, there is nothing more beautiful than when I notice that it arrives at the person opposite me. By an essential reason: devotion. I design my audience with full dedication, because BDSM is for me an attitude to life and a valve.  This means that I am a classical educator, with respect and trust, and I expect this decency from the person who wants to experience an audience with me. Only in this way you get a basis that can make an audience with me become a unique one.

Mistress Anuskatzz on gender-free work

Lady Sas: You play gender-free. What are the main differences between male and female sub-subjects for you?

Mistress Anuskatzz: There are no differences whatsoever, which is exactly why my work is gender-free. I'm not interested in the outer shell. I only see the essence and what you can tickle out in an audience.

Lady Sas: How do you get new ideas for your sessions?
Mistress Anuskatzz: The ideas develop through experience, through the spontaneity of the audience and through my nature with which I can influence it.

Lady Sas: What could be the reason why there are so few dominant women
Mistress Anuskatzz: Here again I would like to refer to my gender-free thinking. So I'm not talking about women, but about humanity in general. We are all marked by experiences, we all have our inner child, we all live and experience with different emotions and feelings. We are stamped and will continue to have formative experiences that make us who we are. But one thing is certain, we have the longing to be able to let go, to switch off and to surrender. To be guided and guided is a necessary good which accompanies us all our lives. Either you are a doer or a followers or you are a stroller against the tide. Dominance means for me to include all this, trusting through devotion to be able to catch one exactly where it is needed to switch off. It's an art not everyone knows. It takes a lot of self-reflection and authenticity in what you do.

"I live in the here and now."

Lady Sas: Tell us something about your free time. Do you have any hobbies?Mistress Anuskatzz:"I educate classically, that means for me to let the fantasies run free, but not to be touchable. So, of course, I won't tell you anything about my private life. You have to take the trouble to find out more information about me.

Lady Sas: What are your plans for the future?
Mistress Anuskatzz: I live in the here and now. For me BDSM should remain as special and unique as it can be. Therefore, my plan is to make each audience a very special one and to give the human being a lot of strength and joy. So that the future of me can have a positive effect through our audience.

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