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Lady Mephista: International Dominance, Interview 2

Lady Mephista

There are ladies who are so interesting that it's not enough to do just one interview. After all, life goes on and there are new impressions and experiences to talk about. This is undoubtedly true of Lady Mephista. Meanwhile the attractive mistress is not only to be found in Berlin, she has now also fans in London and Zurich - not to mention the Other World Kingdom (OWK). So, here's interview number two.

Interview with Lady Mephista

Lady Sas: Dear Mephista, the last interview was in October 2015, what's the news? 

Lady Mephista: I think the most important change is that I am now more internationally active. My travels have taken me to places such as Zurich, London and the Other World Kingdom in the Czech Republic. Getting to know new places but also outstanding personalities of the FemDom is an enormous enrichment.

Lady Sas: In which areas have you been able to develop particularly well?

Lady Mephista: I entered the topic with a very technical reference, but over the years I have penetrated deeper and deeper into the psychological aspects of BDSM.
 While in my early years I felt more comfortable in sessions the more complex a session was in terms of its technical structure, I now appreciate more and more the quiet sounds of a simpler but deeper game. Time plays a very important role in this process, because every instrument needs a certain amount of space in order to fully unfold its effect.
 That doesn't mean that my sessions are now only of a carried character, quite the contrary: When I feel that my opponent is going along with me, I increase the tempo until we swing into a rapid rhythm together - so that when I have reached my goal, the moment is everything that counts.

Lady Mephista

Lady Mephista: Berlin, London, Zurich

Lady Sas: You are traveling to London and Zurich, but you are actually at home in Berlin. What are the differences for you as a Femdom between these three cities when it comes to subs and sessions?

Lady Mephista: Apart from different conventions in the appointment arrangement (the e-mails of the London Subs are usually shorter than the requests from Germany and Switzerland) it is difficult to identify general differences without slipping into the stereotype. The ability to surrender is universal. With successful sessions in which my counterpart goes into subspace, there are no longer any cultural differences.

Lady Sas: In the meantime you have also shot videos in the OWK. I actually thought the OWK was closed. Isn't it? (Note: I asked the questions before the OWK article was published on my blog.)
Lady Mephista: The OWK has been open since last year. At the moment there are mainly video shoots and first events taking place there. So this year in October I will punish some slaves on SpankingDay. I'm really looking forward to it.

Lady Sas: How do you remember the shootings in the OWK?
Lady Mephista: I really enjoyed shooting in the OWK. The entire film crew was very accommodating and the male actors were wonderfully submissive and masochistic. I had a completely free hand in designing the clips and was able to determine in which room we were shooting which scenes. Having such freedom gives me enormous energy. I think you can feel that in the clips, too.

Lady Mephista

Lady Mephista's long cherished dream

Lady Sas: What are your plans for the future?

Lady Mephista: I would like to continue on the path that has already been taken and also get to know other places and personalities. A long cherished wish of mine is to go to Japan for a longer period of time to attend, among other things, Kinbaku courses with Japanese masters. In a way, I would like to reconnect with my beginnings in BDSM. As I told you in our first interview, Japanese bondage was a kind of initiation for me, and my first experiences as a rigger (that's what they call the bondage tops).

Lady Sas: Thank you for this insights.

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