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Lady Skotia: The blond Rebel

Lady Skotia
Lady Skotia: young, blonde, full lips and a figure that forces slaves to their knees. The attractive Dominatrix practices her passion in and around Zurich, Switzerland while pursuing a higher education degree. This interview covers rules and norms, BDSM psychology, beginner mistakes and Lady Skotia’s private life.

Thanks to R. for the translation from German to English.

Interview with Lady Skotia

Lady Sas: Dear Skotia, you are only in your 20’s and already a mistress. Please tell us about how you became a dominatrix.
Lady Skotia: Well, it is never too early to live your passion. My sexuality has always been the one thing I could live and explore without limits. Because I have always been very curious and open, I discovered SM very early. The more I learned about SM and all its facetted aspects it became very clear to me. I wanted to dedicate myself to authentic female dominance, sadism, and female domination. This is how it began for me, nothing is more fascinating than to get to know people from all walks of life and their different interests. Exploring and realizing mine and their darkest desires…

Lady Sas: You were born in Germany, what attracted you about Switzerland?
Lady Skotia: Exactly. Switzerland has always attracted me with its uniqueness and hasn’t let me go so far. I feel very comfortable here.

Lady Sas: You describe yourself as a rebel, besides SM where else do you push the boundaries?
Lady Skotia: I would say mainly in my view of society in general. What is more reprehensible than to walk through the streets as a model citizen while constantly thinking perverse thoughts and delights in being different. To rebel for me is an inner conviction, that you don’t have to share with everyone.
Of course, we all must follow certain rules in order for society to function. Without a doubt, being able to think freely provides room to explore our kinky desires…I live my life on my own terms and I am in control of organizing my time how I like.

Mistress Skotia

Lady Sas: Has is become harder, in your private life, to look up to a man, while slaves are kissing your feet?
Lady Skotia: I wouldn’t say that is has become harder to look up to a man in my private life. A man, who is able to win my trust and respect, which is certainly not easy to do, and has gained access to my private life, will have done so by impressing me and by nearly my equal. This has always been the case for me.

SM & Psychology

Lady Sas: On your website, you write that you study psychology and model on the side. Do you already have an idea what you will do after you have finished your psychology degree?
Lady Skotia: Exactly, I just started my psychology degree. I discovered modeling when I was 17 and I do it "just for fun". I have a very clear idea of what I would like to do after finishing my degree. I imagine myself to build my own practice for sexual and partnership counseling, while remaining a dominatrix. Everything else will happen in good time.

Lady Sas: What does the psychology student say about BDSM? Why do slaves love to submit and for dominatrices to exercise power?
Lady Skotia: Well, there is no one general interpretation in psychology. This all depends on each unique situation and many different factors and would be far too extensive to make this relatively brief or cover it adequately. In addition, there are numerous, research approaches and views on BDSM. From a psychological point of view, I have not yet been able to establish my own point of view. Therefore, I would leave the answer or definition, with regard to their motives up to the individual themselves.

Mistress Skotia

Lady Sas: Does psychology have an answer to why so many men have a shoe and foot fetish?
Lady Skotia: Shoe fetishism is defined as a psychosexual disorder, and has been given its own name as the only form of fetishism: retifism. This refers to the attribution of attractive sexual qualities to shoes or other footwear worn by a woman.
The development of a foot fetishism, on the other hand, cannot be precisely defined, since too many influences play a role. Some fetishistic preferences seem to arise very early in a person's life, possibly through conditioning, lovemaking, or premature weaning from the parents. Others develop later and can be, with the help of psychoanalysis, attributed to a specific event.

Lady Sas: How would you react if your professor would visit you in your dungeon?
Lady Skotia: That’s easy. Discreet and professional like with all my clients. Therefore, I don’t find it hard to deal with, even with famous people. My professor is more than just "the professor". He too is a sexual being with fantasies, desires and needs. Of course, I would leave it up to him whether he would like to explore his desires with me or someone else. It would certainly be exciting to get to know a different side of him.

My closest friends know that I am a dominatrix

Lady Sas: You do not show your whole face in your pictures. Do your friends and family know that you are a dominatrix?
Lady Skotia: My closest friends know that I am a dominatrix. Being able to be open with them is very important to me.
On the other hand, having some anonymity on the internet is indispensable.
After all, I don’t know what the future holds and whether I still will be happy in the future for having been so open on the internet. I also want to be mindful of what my friends and family see on the internet about me. While we live in the 21st century, this does not mean that everyone is as open as I am.

Lady Sas: Which beginner mistakes would you have liked to avoid?
Lady Skotia: I would say that in the beginning I may have been influenced too much by what is on the internet and what other people’s ideas were. This, in turn, has hampered my own development. Only after putting aside these pre-existing views was I able to fully develop my own style as a mistress and dominatrix. Today, I see external influences as inspiration and motivation to further develop my own philosophy and making it a reality.

Domina Skotia

Lady Sas: You meet a good-looking Hollywood star, he falls in love with you and when it comes to sex, he wants you to be a slave, on your knees, for him. How do you react?
Lady Skotia: This is not a strange idea for me. I have already experienced this, however not with a Hollywood star. It was not very easy in the beginning but I had great trust in this person and this allowed me to open up over time. I would never let this happen with someone I would not have complete trust with regardless whether it was a Hollywood star, a sex symbol, or an acquaintance. However, in the end I simply enjoy being the dominant too much and only in this role can fully realize myself. Having had the experience of being submissive has helped me to become a better dominant as it allows me to empathize and know what my slaves are experiencing.

Lady Sas: Juggling your studies while being a dominatrix can be challenging, how do you relax? Do you have any hobbies?
Lady Skotia: Yes, it can be exhausting. Since I do my studies online and I am an independent dominatrix, I am in control of my time and can take a break now and then.
My hobbies also help me to create balance. I love art and paint passionately. Sport is also very important to me. I travel often and my daily walks in the nature are essential for me. Last but not least, a hot party night is a form of grounding and balancing for me. All in all, variety, fun and passion in life is essential for me.

Lady Sas: Thank you for the interesting insights.

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