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Domina Lady Olivia: Simply Great

Lady Olivia
Domina Lady Olivia from Munich is simply great. And that is not only metaphorically true, this attractive Mistress stands a proud 1,86 m (6’1”) tall without shoes, and with an astounding 2,06 m (6’9”). In front of her, slaves probably kneel before the longest legs a Dominatrix has: Lady Olivia's are 1,10 m (3’7”)! A conversation about true greatness, small men, touchable dominance, and unusual fantasies. I wish you a stimulating reading experience.

Translated by M. – thank you very much.

Lady Sas: Dear Olivia, how did you become a Dominatrix? Please tell us about your journey.
Lady Olivia: I wanted to become one already 20 years ago. But in my early twenties I couldn’t relate to many SM things. I always fancied this area, but I had to develop personally before I finally became a Dominatrix by accident. I always found soft SM intriguing, and practiced it privately. Over the years I explored wider areas of BDSM. Because of my height and my naturally dominant streak I couldn’t help but dare to become a Domina in my early forties.

Interview with Lady Olivia

Lady Sas: What is the appeal of BDSM for you?
Lady Olivia: BDSM has many fascinating aspects, in my opinion it combines fantasy and eroticism perfectly. To me BDSM is more than just pain – and as some people think – abnormal fantasies. To the contrary, there are many components which are harmless but powerful, that can erotically enrich the sex life. Especially a slaves submission, and the possibility to live out my sadistic side are rewarding. And the psychological side is very interesting. Why does someone want to be whipped, to be mummified? I think, especially BDSM shows a different window to the human himself, and all his personal dispositions.

Lady Olivia

Lady Sas: You haven’t been a Pro-Domme for long yet – what were the difficulties you encountered at the beginning?
Lady Olivia:  At the beginning there is the difficulty to find one's way, for example, to take up other ways of playing, that one might have rejected earlier. To broaden ones interests, and to get to know myself. And of course to establish myself as a serious Domina. There are a lot of challenges in the beginning, and they demand more than just being dominant. In the beginning one fights with discerning fake and real clients, for example. How does one fill a full hour and make it interesting? It should be fun for both, in the end.

Lady Sas: You're 1,86 m – without shoes. Do you like to play with your height? How do you use it?
Lady Olivia: Yes, I'm 1,86 m tall without shoes. With shoes 2,06 m, eventually. I use my height in various ways. Depending on the situation, with licking my boots for example, the sub has to lick much more, or during facesitting (but there I sometimes don't really know where to put my legs). Especially for small men I like to wear my highest heels, because I like the moment when he gets a stiff neck. It's also nice when I stand up, and he gets smaller and smaller. And when a sub kneels in front of me, I can take him into my leg scissors (smiles).

Lady Olivia

Domina Lady Olivia: 1,10 m long legs

Lady Sas: Does your height attract special slaves? What makes your height so appealing to slaves? 
Lady Olivia: Mainly my height attracts short men. Small men seem to like tall women and long legs in general. It's definitely also a matter of physical dominance. But my height also attracts tall men, especially very tall men, because in heels I can meet them on eye level. But there are others who are intimidated by my height, and some even told me, sorry, you're too tall for me.

Lady Sas: You offer ''touchable dominance'', too. Why? And how far does this touchability go?
Lady Olivia: I like to enter the game completely. In my sessions I'm present with body and mind, and I like erotic games, and I like to play with the possibility to be touched. Touchability includes everything except penetration and oral sex. A slave can lick me, suck my nipples, and maybe touch them. And who knows what else I can think of (smiles).

Lady Sas: How do you train a licking slave? Does he satisfy you with his tongue according to your wishes and directions?
Lady Olivia: Well, he should definitely satisfy me, otherwise it would be absurd. Just a little bit of licking isn't possible (smiles). I try to show him how I like it, and what works for me.

Lady Sas: What do you like about dominating together with a second Mistress?
Lady Olivia: The appeal to me is clearly that we can complement each other. I don't offer everything, and some things I don't like. So I can concentrate on my favourites and the other Mistress on hers.

Domina Lady Olivia: It's about fun

Lady Olivia
Lady Sas: What was the most unusual fantasy you ever fulfilled?
Lady Olivia: I haven't been asked to do really exceptional fantasies yet. It was a bit bizarre though when someone asked to fuck my private shoes.

Lady Sas: You also offer keyholding. What was the longest time you kept someone in chastity?
Lady Olivia: 3 months.

Lady Sas: What are your plans for the future?
Lady Olivia: I would like to go deeper into Heavy Rubber. And I'm interested in Adult Baby scenarios, but I have very little experience with it yet. It would be nice to spend some time at an SM-Finca, too. But I do not have real plans, I do what comes to my mind and is fun. My only plan is be a Domina, for as long as it is fun.

Lady Sas: Great, thank you for your time.

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