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Rania von Starck: seductive High-Class Domination

Mistress Rania von Starck
Rania von Starck has given me an interview for my femdom blog that I consider especially interesting. In her responses you can feel her outstanding personality. She has reported very openly and in detail about herself. In this way an interview has emerged that perfectly reflects Rania von Starck's fascination. A gem in the long line of Femdom interviews on my blog. 
And also another thing is different than usual: I have not designed the text with only two or three images, but with seven photos. The reason is obvious: Rania von Starck is not only a smart, stylish woman, but also a seductive fashion and fetish icon. A breeze of Vogue and Marquis blows over this post. I hope you like this interview as much as I do. Share it, if you want. All right, here we go.

Interview with Rania von Starck

Dear Rania, please describe your journey into the bizarre.
Rania von Starck:
I can recall two formative incidents. The first event occurred when I was not yet 10 years old. I was at our family home in Italy with my parents. The family consists of seven uncles and an aunt. In a room where there was a bar, I found magazines with bizarre cartoons. I got a pleasant feeling as I looked at the pictures. Naturally I did not know what sexuality was at that age. Nevertheless, I knew that this was something I should not talk about. Also, I did not want to share this with anyone. I then kept going back to this bar secretly in order to look at the magazines, until one day I was disappointed to find they were no longer there. The second event was when I discovered  <<O>> magazines for the first time (today the Marquis magazine). I was fascinated to find out something like this exists and really wanted to learn more about the world of rubber. There was a shop in Munich called Highlights, owned by Lady Pascal at the time. I simply went into the shop when Lady Pascal was there and asked her where I could work as a dominatrix. She recommended Studio Claudet, which is now Studio Bizarradies. How I started out at Studio Claudet is another story and would go beyond the scope of this interview.

Dominatrix Rania von Starck

Lady Sas: Have you ever tried out the submissive side as well?
Rania von Starck:
It would never occur to anyone who knows me personally that I could also have a submissive side. My dominant aura makes that clear and I find dominant behaviour of others repulsive, especially men.
I have never experimented with submissive roles, neither privately nor professionally. On occasion I have permitted slightly more than usual for extremely high-priced clients. But that too is a form of dominance.
When Steve English and I were together, some people probably wondered which one of us was the dominant partner. I was Steve’s rubber doll sister. Even though we wore identical masks, I was clearly the more attractive sister J.

Lady Sas: Please describe your self-image as a dominatrix. How do you see yourself?
Rania von Starck:
I do not put on a dominant personality, I have a dominant disposition. Fortunately I am a self-conscious person. That means I am conscious of myself, that this compulsive dominance is not merely one of my strengths. Only when I consciously live out my dominance where it is appropriate and even desirable do I feel comfortable and like I am myself.

Rania von Starck about being artistic

Lady Sas: On your website, one gets the feeling of visiting a high-class fashion model. The site is visually stunning and you refer to artists like Ellen von Unwerth and Vivienne Westwood. Where does this affinity for fashion come from?
Rania von Starck:
I enjoy being artistic with everything I do. That starts with small things. When I make my bed, I do it so that the pillows are arranged in a colourful manner. I also pay attention to the quality of the bed linens and the inlay. Colour naturally plays a role as well, and others had better pay attention to these things when they make my bed.
Naturally all of that is not really important and I am also a down-to-earth person.
But it does brings me joy when I can permit myself to do it. It is like that with everything that surrounds me in my life. Whether I am setting the table, dressing myself or punishing a slave with the cane, I only enjoy it if I am present at the moment and able to act out my playful, creative streak. Consequently, I am attractive for aesthetic people and find aesthetic people attractive. That is why artists such as fashion, jewellery and furniture designers, photographers, architects, actors and so on play a role in my life, and submissive guests from these fields often come to me.

Rania von Starck

Lady Sas: Do you also work as a model? And would you allow a slave to photograph you as mistress?
Rania von Starck:
Yes, I have worked a lot as a model.
While I am also getting a lot of offers right now, I have only accepted a few of them so far. I would never let a layman photograph me and I am not aware of a professional photographer among my slaves.

Rania von Starck about her style

Lady Sas: Do you have a personal favourite outfit for classic slave training in the studio?
Rania von Starck:
I have many outfits I like to wear. As much as I feel good in a tight catsuit, I enjoy wearing a close-fitting leather outfit of high quality just as well. I like it when my muscles stand out under the leather. Yet I also feel great in my military outfit or in my long, elegant evening gown from Balmain or Versace with matching accessories.

Lady Sas: What role do high heels play for you in slave training?
Rania von Starck:
I value high heels because they put my legs on display very well, but I am also very fond of my solid military boots. For me it is entirely normal for any shoes that look good on me to also play a role in slave training.

Rania von Starck

Lady Sas: I can imagine that an attractive lady like yourself is also wooed privately by slaves.
How do you handle it when a slave wants to serve you privately as well?
Rania von Starck:
When a slave wants to serve me privately, he has to pay for that well with a monthly tribute. Money is a very important element of dominance for me. Clearly I would not be dominant if I did not demand money, or even anything less than an exclusive price.

Lady Sas: Do you have any tips for dominatrices who are only just starting out in the world of the bizarre?
Rania von Starck: 
I have no tips for women with a naturally dominant disposition because they do not need any. And for women who doubt whether they really have a naturally dominant disposition, my only advice is not to go there.

Rania von Starck about tease and denial

Lady Sas: You offer tease and denial. Do you have a tip to make this game even more interesting?
Rania von Starck:
It always gets more interesting if you get very emphatic with your submissive counterpart. Tease and denial in particular requires great sensitiveness in order to control the stimulation so it is kept as close as possible to orgasm for the longest time.
Rania von Starck

Lady Sas: Chastity is also part of your repertoire. How does that feel for you, and what is the longest you have left a slave pining away?
Rania von Starck:
Personally I think a slave should wear a chastity belt for at least four hours, but no longer than two days otherwise it is no longer exciting for me. But without a chastity belt, I can easily keep a suitable slave chaste for a month or even longer and continue enjoying myself.

Lady Sas: You travel frequently and visit studios in various cities. What is the appeal for you?
Rania von Starck:
There is a great saying that an ant can only ever see a perspective of an elephant, but that it will never be possible for the ant to see the elephant as a whole.
I want to at least see a lot of different perspectives, that is what makes travel appealing for me. The studios are not what is important to me here, I mainly work in luxury hotels. I only enjoy working in a studio if it offers truly interesting possibilities. Goddess Ariadne has just established and opened the studio “DerFemDom” in Zurich. It is a very elegant, creative and exciting studio. I am already looking forward to living out my dominance there. 

Rania von Starck

Lady Sas: What are your plans for the future?
Rania von Starck:
When you ask an artist what her plans are, you will get an answer something like: How should I know, I am not an engineer. I forge a lot of plans in my head, but what comes of them depends on the cards that life deals for me. Right now I am heavily involved in developing the member area of my homepage, and I am generally interested in initiating shared training with other dominant women.

Lady Sas: Thank you for your time, Rania.

Rania von Starck

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