Dienstag, 24. November 2015

Domina Duell: Miss J. gegen Lady Sas

Femdom-SM-Erzählung: Domina Duell von Lady Sas
Ich habe... hüstel... eine Weile gebraucht, die Geschichte aufzuschreiben, aber nun ist es endlich geschafft! Hier im Blog hatte ich ja nicht wirklich viel über die Erlebnisse mit Miss J. geschrieben, aber dafür kannst Du im Buch umso genauer nachlesen, was passiert ist. 

Eine ziemlich krasse Geschichte, die ich erst so richtig in allen Zusammenhängen verstanden habe, als ich das Ganze rückblickend aufgeschrieben habe. Inzwischen bin ich übrigens wieder ganz entspannt und habe mich sogar wieder mit Miss J. getroffen und vollständig ausgesöhnt. Ich bin eben harmoniebedürftig ;-)

Domina Duell: Kurzbeschreibung von amazon:

<<Die private SM-Herrin Lady Sas aus Frankfurt/Main liebt es, ihren attraktiven Sklaven Toytoy anderen dominanten Damen vorzuführen. Die 21jährige Miss J. erweist sich scheinbar als Glücksgriff und Naturtalent. Rasend schnell entwickelt sie sich zu einer Extrem-Herrin, die Lady Sas heimlich zu überflügeln versucht. Miss J. verfolgt den geheimen Plan, Lady Sas den Sklaven auszuspannen. Viel zu spät entdeckt Lady Sas, was die blutjunge Herrin eigentlich beabsichtigt. Als Miss J. mit ihren zwei Mitbewohnerinnen Lady Louisa und Lady Claudia bei Lady Sas zu Gast ist, kommt es zum Showdown, dem Duell der Dominas. 

Praktiken: Vorführung, Verbalerotik, Erniedrigung, Strap-on, Natursekt, Rimming, Ohrfeigen, Abstrafung, Bondage, Damenrunde, Dildos, Schuh- und Fußerotik, Keuschhaltung, CBT und Weiteres.>>

Das eBook "Domina Duell" gibt es hier, das Taschenbuch "Domina Duell" hier.
Beim eBook gibt es eine kostenlose Vorschau zum Reinlesen ("Blick ins Buch").

Ich wünsche eine anregende Lektüre und freue mich auf Feedback :)
Lady Sas

Sonntag, 22. November 2015

Auch eine Domina darf Danke sagen

Liebe Leserinnen und Leser,

mein Femdom-Blog hat bald 500.000 Seitenaufrufe, das ist schön. Schließlich macht es nur dann Spaß, etwas zu schreiben, wenn es auch gelesen wird. Ich freue mich immer wieder über interessante E-Mails, Kommentare und positive Buchbewertungen. Das BDSM-Projekt ist spannend und macht mir so viel Freude wie nie.

Als kleines Dankeschön versende ich an besonders treue, engagierte Sklavinnen und Sklaven ein stilisiertes Portrait von mir. Also: Wer denkt, so ein Dankeschön verdient zu haben, kann sich gerne bei mir melden: madamesaskia@web.de

Lady Sas

PS: Ich bin ein bisschen spät dran, aber bald erscheint der Bericht über meine Erlebnisse mit Miss J.
Das war zwar schon im April, aber ich habe es nicht früher geschafft. Naja, besser spät als nie. In den nächsten Tagen erscheint das Buch.

Montag, 16. November 2015

Domina Lady Daria: The Beautiful BDSM-Queen of Warsaw

There are not many BDSM studios around in Poland or even in Warsaw. So Domina Lady Daria is what you can call the BDSM-Queen of this area. She is not only a beautiful young Mitress, but also clever and intelligent. But most of all: She is a true Femdom who enjoys to transform men into slaves. 

Domina Lady Daria, Warsaw

Domina Lady Sas: Dear Daria, what's your story? How did you come in contact with BDSM?
Domina Lady Daria: I think my story is not unusual. When I was 18, I met a guy who liked BDSM. That time I didn’t have clue what it is. He showed me what to do, and how to do, educated me, but he was not strictly master, just a switch. He was into being defenseless and controlled, we played a lot of bondage and hard teasing, soft CBT. As I was inexperienced that time taking control was something new, but after the first unsuccessful attempts finally something worked. The first serious take a control of somebody - that was it - a huge psychological satisfaction, see, that someone is dependent on me, that I control his reactions and can decide about his satisfaction. Amazing feeling. And so it began.

Domina Lady Sas: You also speak German. What's the story behind that?
Domina Lady Daria: Story is quite trival. I was learning German during my education in high school and the university for almost 12 years. Unfortunately, I no longer have contact with language so I started to forget. At this point you can talk to me in German, and I will begin to answer in German and I will end in English. I would need to have regular contact with the language again to recall. At this point, this English has become my language to communicate with foreigners. 

Domina Lady Daria from Warsaw

Domina Lady Sas: What can you tell us about the BDSM- and Femdom scene in Poland?
Domina Lady Daria: BDSM in Poland is still growing. We are proud that we have really great, very experienced people doing shibari and pierces piercing various body parts using not only needles but eg. wires. It seems to me that, like everywhere - our community is made up of "old hands" and young people who want to try something new. In Warsaw, we are fortunate that every month there are organized events for "kinksters", where meets approx. 130 people. Together, we talk, we drink, and we play - usually spanking, bondage, trampling. 

And twice a year we organize big events (Kinky Party) with the dress code, playroom, shows. As I notice along years those event are getting better. People are more kinky dressed or sometimes undressed, there are more people wearing latex cat suits and what is most important - People take their gear and play using playroom furnitures. To those events comes approx. 200 people. It is nothing to compare this German Fetish Ball Torture Garden or Wasteland, but here Poles have a chance to get used to party in a kinky way before moving for something bigger. However, the organizers want to keep those event small to maintain healthy, discreet and safe atmosphere for more daring play. So I doubt it will ever go over a thousand or more of people. 

When it comes to the scene FemDom in Poland, you can look at it two ways. If you ask about events that are typically FemDom on a national or local scale, well they aren't any made. Noncommercial Mistress from time to time organize mini parties with several slaves, but all those are private house hosted parties. But if you ask about ProDommes - there aren't many. Those with professional play space can be counted by the fingers of one hand, there is however a lot of "girls with the furry cuffs" who pretend to be dommes. 

Mistress Lady Daria

Domina Lady Sas: Where do your guests come from? Do you have many slaves from Germany?
Domina Lady Daria: Most of my guest are Poles. Studio is located in Warsaw - Polish capital city, but there is a lot of visitors from whole over the country. Some of them come here specially to visit me, some while during doing their business. Quite a lot of foreigners visit me both for short and long stays. Is hard to say particularly which country is visiting me most but I think people from UK. You asked about German slaves. It surprising that during those 2 year I had only two German slaves. I think German slaves don’t like my classic CFNM style. I don’t wear rubber at all. Besides I think there is so many decent Mistress in Germany that they really don’t need to search abroad. 

Domina Lady Sas: What makes your studio unique?
Domina Lady Daria: It is influenced by many factors. First, if you look at my studio would you say that was established two years ago from nothing? I started with a passion, a few toys collected over the years. But fortunately I had people who helped me - and that makes my studio unique. I work with decent people, decent kinky minds. I work with an engineer who arranged my garage to workshop so all the furnitures are made there. I have a webdeveloper who made decent booking system. I have male models, photographers, Mistress to work together, dressmaker. Can I ask for more? Of course I make the decisions, I create content on the page, I think about a photo shoot, I buy accessories, I plan studio development and of course I do the sessions - so a lot depends on me and how it will perform. But because I am doing it with passion and treat seriously, not as entertainment, this all looks and works very well. Plus some witch magic and this genuine joy while doing session which is for slaves most encouraging.

Why else it is unique? I have a fairly specific way of arranging the sessions. In Poland and probably in most of Europe, it operates on the principle of appointment on the phone. I am not a person who feels good as call center I asked my webdeveloper to make me an online booking system. How does it work? Slave makes an account in my booking system. He fills questionnaire which contains detailed questions regarding his BDSM preferences. After that he can check available dates, session fees and after making down payment via PayPal, he can make booking. For me it is extremely important that I can have view into slaves preferences before session and think about session plot before. 

Domina Lady Sas: You offer long term stays where the slaves meet some private Mistresses. What are slaves looking for in such scenarios?
Domina Lady Daria: First of all, such long sessions are adventure of a lifetime. Most people that visit me are very experienced slaves, for whom the great fun is the feeling of Domina power, to spend a lot of time with her, to sleep in a cell and wake up and still be a prisoner. What's more - they don’t know when they get up, when they eat, when they will play or what happens next - it's very exciting for them. They lose sense of time, they lose control, they are on my mercy. The second advantage - the time is not limited. We can fulfill many fantasies, with no hurry, with no need to worry that your session is an hour to an end. Most slaves approach is that this the very memorable experience, adventure "one for the life".

BDSM Queen of Warsaw: Lady Daria

Domina Lady Sas: In what point lies the pleasure for you to host sessions with multi Mitresses? It is a great experience for Mistress participting. 
Domina Lady Daria: Sessions with other Mistress are very demanding. For me they are very intense as I control session, coordinate Mistress and plan next steps. You don’t know how fast time goes by when there is so much going on. Basicly session works as double Mistress most of the time, but there are moments where there are two and Me. One is playing with slave nipples, one is teasing and Me as a head Mistress, I look into slave eyes . I see that he knows that I’m in charge, I'm the one who decides about his fate, his eyes are full with the admiration and respect for me. Many slaves told me that while having a session with soo many Mistress at once I was the guarantor of his safety. It's very uplifting and positive, that people feel awe, but at the same time they know that nothing 'bad' will happen while they are in in my hands.

Domina Lady Sas: What are the things in a session you personally enjoy the most?
Domina Lady Daria: The most exciting for me, like for every true sadist is corporal punishment. I really love whips and electrotorture. Recently, I discovered in myself entirely new areas that I like very much. It turns out that my rate of degradation giver is 100%. So I became a fan of balancing on the edge of breaking a prisoner. Most enjoyable for me to see how fights, roars, rages internally, but nothing he can do. I love to destroy the male ego, to prove slave that he is nothing. How do I do that? I don't let him achieve satisfaction - when he is sitting in solitary confinement and hears that I'm going, he starts to be happy, because he withstood all of his punishment, and then I tell him that I changed my mind and he will sit for another hour or I come early and take him out saying that I think it is too weak to bear it. The same goes imposed on his work to be done. If the slave is running, gets the job done, which is very difficult to do - when I check the results - if you do minimal error - begins anew. I guarantee you that these tortures are horrible. Yes - I really like mentally torment the slaves. Plus discipline - I'm very demanding. Slave positions, following command and drawing the consequences of the mistakes - I love it.

Domina Lady Sas: On your website there is this sentence: "Sensations associated with the orgasm in the air are unforgettable". Could you explain this a bit more, please.
Domina Lady Daria: Oh, orgasm in the air - I see that you carefully read my website. It is about suspension frame. I hang a slave in a horizontal position and tease him. For many slaves this feeling of suspension from the ceiling in the horizontal position is amazing. They realize that they are defenseless and helpless. Orgasm in such conditions, when you are hanging, suspension frame minimally swings, you cannot retreat and you are teased - it gives supposedly insane orgasm. But I can only say "supposedly" - because I have not tested it on myself :) I based on slaves opinions.
Mistress Daria

Domina Lady Sas: There are also stays for more than one day possible. How often do slaves book such stays? And what was the longest stay in your studio?
Domina Lady Daria: I wouldn't say it is something that happens regularly weekly or monthly. Those kind of stays occur during year. But when if they occur - it is really challenge and adventure to run it. You need to get to know slave a bit - that why I use online questionnaire in my booking system. There is a lot scheduling and thinking about session in terms of story, roleplay, practices we will be doing.
Longest session was 96 hour - that included session time, breaks, meals and night rest. Anyway it was almost 10-12 h session time daily for 4 days. Of course slave was very mindful and experienced. I knew him quite well. Session time was filled with bondage, isolation, forced labor, interrogation and mind games focused on breaking slave's men ego. 

Domina Lady Sas: Tell us about one session you will never forget.
Domina Lady Daria: I will never forget the session during which I first time have broke the slave. He cried out. It was something beautiful. Bring a man on the brink of collapse not through pain by mental oppression. And it took me less than an hour. It was a breakthrough for me, because since then perfectly realized what I’m into and what gives me the greatest pleasure.

Domina Lady Sas: What inspires you for Sessions? How do you come up with new ideas?
Domina Lady Daria: I think BDSM movies are my best inspiration - particularly Infernal Restraints and good old Insex movies. I like their 'dirty', rusty, rough approach - this is absolutely what I love. Ok, this is high end MaleDom, but believe me - many of their ideas can be taken to the FemDom. Gag made from lemon? Why not! Peel, put into a slave mouth, stick with tape and then just watch him drooling. I also get the inspiration from my friends, who have no less crazy ideas, like me. When you hang out among other sadists, a frequent topic of conversation are: "New ideas how to torture and inflict pain", "Is this is enough humiliating", "Forcing fear and terror in slave mind". We exchange experiences, combine, consider security issues. Such conversations are very inspiring. Besides, thankfully I am quite creative and a lot of ideas comes straight out of my head. I frequently get an idea and then I only think who will be brave enough to try it.

Domina Lady Sas: Do you have private hobbies?
Domina Lady Daria: Of course. BDSM is my passion, but not the only one thing in my life. I love to plan trips, holidays. Not only for myself, but for me friends and family. It gives me great satisfaction. The planning process itself makes me one foot in another country. At this point, however, because my studio is in the development stage, I can’t go as frequently as I would like to do. However, once a year is an absolute minimum. Besides, I'm fascinated with Balkans and I began to be interested in Balkan cuisine, so also spend some time in the kitchen with a cookbook. I own three cats, so you can call me a cat lady. I love when they snap to me to bed and purr nicely. Of course, if before I give my cat friends, a good bowl.

Leather Lady Daria

Domina Lady Sas: What was your plan B, your alternative to become a Mistress?
Domina Lady Daria: Running studio takes most of my time and consumes a lot of energy. I am aware, however, that life writes different scenarios and I must be prepared for many eventualities. Therefore, in addition BDSM, I put on education. At this point I am in the process of doing a doctorate. I do research, interviews, take part in the conferences. I love it, and so I feel satisfied at every level. So univeristy scholar will be best alternative at the moment. Maybe someday I will write a book about all what I experienced. And maybe then another faculty, this time about sexology? I think I would be great sexual health educator.

Domina Lady Sas: Anything else you would like to say?
Domina Lady Daria: Yes. First of all, thank you for inviting me to an interview. That's very nice of you, and I feel honored.
Please, remember also that Poland is not "far far away land", so I want to invite slaves to my sessions and all kinky people to best Polish BDSM event - Kinky Party.

Domina Lady Sas: Thank you very much for your time, Daria.

You can find more information about Mistress Lady Daria on her Website.
She is also at FetLife (LadyDaria).

Learn more about Lady Sas here.

Dienstag, 10. November 2015

Über die Dauer-Keuschaltung meines Sklavens

Mein Sklave trägt einen transparenten CB 6000 Keuschheitsgürtel. Wobei ich das Wort "Keuschheitsgürtel" immer etwas unpassend finde, es ist ja eher eine Keuschheitsschelle. Beide Schlüssel sind in meinem Besitz. Schummeln unmöglich, denn ich habe das Schloss höchstpersönlich gekauft. Ich habe mir einen Spaß daraus gemacht, auf dem Blog öffentlich Notizbuch darüber zu führen, wann der Sklave einen seiner seltenen Orgasmen erleben durfte. Du findest die Tag-genaue Aufstellung auf der Seite Sklavenstall im Blog. Ich merke an Mails und SMS-Nachrichten, die ich von lieben BDSM-Freundinnen erhalte, dass diese Liste durchaus gelesen und interessiert verfolgt wird. Insbesondere Lady Judith spart nicht mit Anregungen – meistens nicht unbedingt zum Vorteil für den Sklaven. Für meinen Sklaven ist es eine zusätzliche süße Demütigung, dass nun jeder über ihn Bescheid weiß.

Keuschhaltung macht gute Sklaven noch besser

Wie bereits an anderer Stelle erwähnt, ist es wichtig für die Potenz des Sklaven, ihn regelmäßig aus dem CB 6000 KG zu befreien und ihn seinen Schwellkörper aufstellen zu lassen. Mit anderen Worten: Er darf wichsen und einen harten Schwanz bekommen. Spritzen ist nicht ständig notwendig, aber die Natur zu unterdrücken kann auf Dauer auch nicht gesund sein, denke ich. Also darf er von Zeit zu Zeit kommen. Nur: Wann, das bestimmt ganz allein die Herrin. 

Es ist interessant zu sehen, wie eifrig er im Haushalt arbeitet, wenn er eine Weile nicht gespritzt hat, wie enthusiastisch er Füße massiert, wie devot und folgsam er alles tut, um nicht in Ungnade zu fallen. Dafür ist Keuschhaltung geradezu perfekt. Keuschhaltung macht aus einem Sklaven einen eifrigen, devoten, hingebungsvollen Sklaven.

Keuschhaltung: ein schönes Spiel für jede Herrin 

Am letzten Sonntag war es interessant zu sehen, wie wenig Stimulanz erforderlich ist, um den seit vier Wochen keuschen Sklaven zur Explosion zu bringen. Wundervoll auch, wie viel Sperma sich in vier Wochen aufstaut! Kurzum: Jede Herrin sollte sich einmal mit dieser wundervollen Spielart vertraut machen. 
Wie sind Eure Erfahrungen mit dem Thema Keuschhaltung? Ich freue mich auf Kommentare.

Herzliche Grüße,
Lady Sas

Sonntag, 1. November 2015

Sklaven-Training 2: Testobjekte gesucht für Sklavenaufgaben

Sklaventraining: So wird ein brauchbares Objekt aus dir.
In meinem Buch "Sklaventraining" habe ich Sklaven beigebracht, wie sie attraktiv und begehrenswert für private Herrinnen werden. Nicht nur in der Theorie, sondern auch in praktischen Übungen. Im Buch gibt es Aufgaben für 14 Tage. Das war im Juli 2014. Seitdem habe ich mich ständig weiterentwickelt. Mein Sklave hat viele neue Phantasien und anspruchsvolle Übungen kennengelernt. Einige davon möchte ich in einem Fortsetzungsbuch weitergeben: Sklaventraining 2.

Testsklaven gesucht

Für dieses Buch suche ich noch Testobjekte. Vorzugsweise Sklaven, die die Übungen des ersten Buchs bereits erfolgreich absolvieren konnten. Für absolute Anfänger sind die Übungen nicht geeignet. Also: Bewirb dich jetzt und diene mir als Testobjekt. Sende mir eine E-Mail an madamesaskia@web.de, stelle dich angemessen vor und erkläre kurz, warum du für das Training geeignet bist, Sklave. Zu fordern hast du nichts. Ich picke mir die Sklaven heraus, die ich für interessant und geeignet befinde. Diese Sklaven werden Aufgaben testen und mir helfen, die optimale Aufgaben-Mischung herauszuarbeiten.

Lady Sas 

Das erste Buch "Sklaven Training" gibt es als Taschenbuch und eBook auf amazon. Hier der link.