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Sadism has never been more beautiful: Domina Liza from Derby, UK

"Redhead English Dominatrix with a penchant for punishment, and the epitome of elegant sadism. Knows a thing or two about femdom..." With this words Domina Liza describes herself on Twitter. She is in fact one of the most distinctive Mistresses I know. And I know quite a lot. Domina Liza is unique in every way. She combines characteristics slaves dream about: She is strict, demanding, intelligent, imaginative, creative and as you see in the pictures: outstanding elegant and beautiful. What a woman! Let's talk. 

Lady Sas: Dear Liza, let's go back to the very beginning: Please tell us how you came in contact with Femdom and BDSM. 
Domina Liza: I first came into contact through my interest in fetish – I was a goth as a teenager and so felt very comfortable wearing leather, latex, thigh boots etc. I was also involved in music promotion when I was a little older and at some of the events I attended there was a fetish crossover and also dungeons for bdsm play. I gradually became more interested in this over time as it seemed a very natural progression for me to explore this fascinating world further. I then started playing with friends and doing lots of research and reading!

Lady Sas: What is so fascinating about Femdom from your perspective? What do you love about it? 
Domina Liza: I find the whole psychology behind femdom fascinating – it really does seem the natural and proper way of relationships between women and men. I am not a raving feminist by any means but I’ve always thought that women hold a certain power over men through their femininity and sexuality. Women have always controlled men in all stages of history and in all walks of life – the way it should be! I love the dynamics, the power exchange, the reactions and the control.

Lady Sas: What are you looking for in a session? When is a session fulfilling for you? 
Domina Liza: First and foremost I look for compatibility. I will only undertake a session with someone I am sure I will have a good session with – this can be because of their tastes in bdsm but also a general feeling which I get from our prior communication. It is paramount to me that both of us enjoy the session, and even if I never see the person again I want him/her to have good memories of our time together. A session is particularly fulfilling to me if I have a spark with the person – it doesn’t need to be doing a particular activity. I also love reactions – groans, cries, struggles, expressions and so on – I feed from these to make the session a great experience for both of us.

Lady Sas: Is there something you really love and you really hate about your job as a pro. Domina?
Domina Liza: I really love meeting so many interesting people and having such a fabulous time playing with them. I don’t call it a ‘job’ as it is more a lifestyle choice. I operate from my own home and so everywhere is a reminder of what I do. I also love the flexibility it gives me to work (not that it’s work!) when I choose and have free time to do so many other things if I wish to. There isn’t anything I really hate about it – there are occasional phone callers who try to make fake appointments but I am wise to their nonsense and this doesn’t annoy me anymore!

Lady Sas: Please tell us a bit about the English BDSM and Femdom scene from your perspective.
Domina Liza: I don’t really have that much to do with the English ‘scene’ as such. I operate independently and so only see other pro Dominas occasionally for filming or double sessions. There are a couple of femdom clubs in the UK which are OK, but I find the more general bdsm clubs rather disappointing. I am in a lifestyle relationship with my own slave though and so prefer to play privately when not in session with my clients.

Lady Sas: You have played with English and German slaves. Are there differences? 
Domina Liza: I haven’t actually noticed that much difference – the German ones I played with were for filming and so they had quite a good pain tolerance (which is always a good thing!) and so perhaps it wasn’t a good example of all German slaves.

Lady Sas: You've been to Berlin. What do you think about the city?
Domina Liza: I really like Berlin – I visited a few times many years ago along with some of the other nearby cities such as Leipzig, Chemnitz and Dresden as I used to attend music events in the area. I’ve really enjoyed my more recent visits to Berlin though – it has such a relaxed atmosphere compared to some capital cities (London!) and seems spacious and clean too.

Lady Sas: When you look back: Did the professional scene change? And if yes: how? 
Domina Liza: I think the professional scene has changed considerably due to the wide use of the internet in my opinion. When I first started to work as a pro Domina there were still many magazines in print and clients would contact you purely from seeing your advert. Nowadays we all have websites instead and people can find out so much more about you before arranging a session – social networking such as Twitter plays a big part, too. I also think that some elements of session content has changed – the internet has meant that people are more exposed to all kinds of elements of bdsm through films etc, and so perhaps want to try things that they wouldn’t have previously considered.

Lady Sas: When you enter the dungeon: in what kind of position do you want to see the slave waiting for you? I realized that expectations are different from Domina to Domina.
Domina Liza: This depends on what type of session it is – I often like them to strip in front of me and then stand in front of my mirror whist I examine them. I like them to feel vulnerable, naked and exposed in front of me who they perhaps only met 5 minutes before! Sometimes I like them waiting for me in a set position, for example on all fours or some other slave position they have been taught.

Lady Sas: What inspires you? How do you come up with new ideas for sessions?
Domina Liza: I am inspired by the dynamics and reactions of myself and my slave, and what kind of thing they are interested in exploring with me. Every person I see is so different and although I sometimes have a loose plan of what I will do in a session, this can change so quickly as new ideas spring into my mind. My creative side works on overtime in a session, especially if I am doing a role play which I really love, and so ideas tend to flow freely!

Lady Sas: What are your plans for the future? 
Domina Liza: I don’t have any definite plans apart from continuing to enjoy my sessions with both regular and new clients. I also want to continue making films for my Clips4Sale page, and hopefully travel to Germany again soon for sessions and filming.

Lady Sas: Wonderful, Liza! Thank you very much for taking the time.

Domina Liza: Thank you for the interview questions – it has been very enjoyable answering them!

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The Queen of FemDom: Mistress Ezada Sinn from Bucharest/Romania

Mistress Ezada Sinn is an outstanding dominant woman who really lives her dreams. In the beginning, it wasn't easy to do so, because society in Romania was not ready for her dominant lifestyle. But she was brave and bold enough to listen to herself – and not to others. This shows what a kind of woman she is, this shows her true character and nature. Ezada Sinn is a Mistress by heart, a Lady from head to toe, a strong leader and an idol for other women. Though the beautiful, elegant Lady lives in Bucharest, she is well known around the globe because of her stunning sessions in OWK, the Other World Kingdom in Czech Republic. Here she started with the filming she still enjoys today. An interview about BDSM in Romania, her dominant lifestyle, the OWK, her Polyandry House and Femdom phantasies. 

Lady Sas: Dear Ezada Sinn, how would you describe the situation of dominant women in Romania?
Mistress Ezada Sinn: You know, in Romania we have a long tradition of strong and powerful women reaching far back into the past. This was true also during the grey decades of communism. Maybe it was just not so visible as back then sexuality was very hidden and any form of promiscuity was officially banned. That means the female domination had not really decreased. Sadly people are still too narrow minded to understand the concept even though this is happening since forever.
In my personal life I have no problem to live my dominant lifestyle 24/7. In the relationship with my personal slave and husband I am the one who takes all the important decisions, i.e. I am in control of finances, I order the food in the restaurant, I decide where and when we travel, whom we meet, where we live etc. To cut a long story short: I simply tell him what to do (laughing). Dragging him along on a dog leash on Bucharest high street during shopping hours however still awaits realization for the time being.

Lady Sas: Is there a BDSM scene in Romania?
Mistress Ezada Sinn: Yes, there definitely is a scene and I would say that it is developing into the right direction. When I started to be active in the BDSM scene back in 2006 there was practically nothing here. Now we have public and private parties, workshops etc.. For example I have been to a nice Shibari workshop in Bran, Romania, just a couple of weeks ago. I think we will need another 5 years to come to a standard as you already have it in Western Europe.

Lady Sas: I have heard that you plan to open a slave farm together with other Ladies. How far is this project developed?
Mistress Ezada Sinn: Well, it is not really a slave farm. The next big event will be my Femdom Summer Camp at the Algarve in Portugal in September. I have rented a wonderful villa where I will spend a week full of sun and fun and torture together with three other wonderful dominant Ladies and a bunch of slaves. I am really looking forward to this because it will be totally different from a male-phantasy driven Pro-Domme event. The Camp will be about our female fun and phantasy and not about theirs. The men will be there just to serve and please us and for nothing else. The Camp will however be just a temporary thing. As I´ve said, it will be a week of fun. My ultimate plans go much further than that. I plan to soon realize what I call the “Polyandry House”.

Lady Sas: What do you understand by a “Polyandry House”?
Mistress Ezada Sinn: The Polyandry House will be a true Femdom household where I will live together with two or three of my slaves. They will be there with me to serve me and worship me. Not for a couple of hours or days but permanently. Apart from those permanent slaves there will be others who will come to serve me for just limited periods of time. And I will of course invite my Lady friends for joint projects, festivities and parties.

Lady Sas: Do you see your Polyandry House as a kind of OWK?
Mistress Ezada Sinn: Well, yes and no. “Yes” as it will also be a place which will be totally dedicated to the concept of female supremacy and where the role and function of the male is strictly a submissive, following, serving one. “No” as it will be a much more private location. It will be my personal home and not a Femdom theme park.

Lady Sas: Speaking of OWK: How do you see your stay there from your perspective today?
Mistress Ezada Sinn: I have the warmest recollections of the OWK and still feel very sad that it is history now. Staying at the OWK was the first time really that I completely immersed into this “other world” in which we rule and they serve. The name of the place was indeed wisely chosen. I will never forget my first night there when I immediately took control over three slaves and gave them a lection they will sure remember until today. I loved the rules that existed there, the state like organization, everything built on female supremacy. I fell in love with the whole concept that was so unique and visionary at the time. And, last but not least, it was at the OWK that I started with the filming that I still do intensely until today. The clips that I made there are still on sale and doing quite well. True historic footage really (laughing).

Lady Sas: What do you feel when you control the orgasms of a slave with a chastity device?
Mistress Ezada Sinn: I feel ultimate control. And control is my biggest turn on. I am aroused by the idea of the men around the globe locked in a cage to which I hold the key. (Speaking, Ms. Ezada tenderly touches the key that she wears on a necklace). Men are simple creatures, driven by their sexuality. If you control their cock, you control the brain and thus the whole guy. Really understanding that and acting consequently according to this insight will put you on top of them. And this is permanent. It is such a fundamental thing that I still cannot believe why not all women use this powerful tool consistently and forcefully for their own pleasure and progress. The chastity device however is only the first level. My personal slaves have been trained by me to reach a level of mental chastity. They have been led and guided to overcome their disgusting male greed and needs and so to live a chaste life completely committed at my mercy. They are like monks who have dedicated their lives to a higher being. Monks with whipped asses though (laughing).

Lady Sas: Are there still Femdom phantasies you haven’t realized?
Mistress Ezada Sinn: Oh yes! I am trying out new things every day and still have so many ideas. My phantasies are mainly not around playing games but around developing relationships. Branding my personal slave and husband with my initials in a ceremonial ritual together with all my Lady friends is one of them. And then of course, there is the realization of Polyandry House. But this is more of a project and less of a phantasy.

Lady Sas: I've read in another interview that you train slave-girls as sluts and prefer to punish male slaves. How do you feel when you train a slut? Can you tell us more about this kind of training?
Mistress Ezada Sinn: Difficult question. When I talk about a “slut” my connotation is definitely male. Before my eyes I see a man lying on his back with his legs bent and wide spread, offering his ass openly to a Lady’s strap on. This for me is a slut.
I cannot be really dominant over women like I am over men. I feel that all women belong to the same species as me, they are equal. So in a session with them I do not feel pleasure to subdue or hurt them like I have it with men. Being in a session with a woman my interest would rather be to give her the pleasure she is after even if it is very different from my own preferences. For example if she likes to be made to suck a cock I would give her the opportunity to do so while I simultaneously whip the ass of the guy who enjoys the sucking. See what I mean?

Lady Sas: Oh, yes, I think so. You travel a lot. What are your favourite places?
Mistress Ezada Sinn: Ah, I love travelling and enjoy myself wherever I go. I love to see new things and to learn about different cultures and societies. Maybe this is in my genes, because the people from my country for so long did not have much opportunity to travel abroad.
I love places where it is warm and sunny. Spain, Southern France to name just two. Unfortunately for SM purposes then, the colder countries of Northern Europe offer much more possibilities than the South. So I also travel there a lot for more business oriented voyages. The UK and also Germany recently. I have to admit though that I found some German slaves to be more unpleasingly needy and stubborn compared to the French or English.

Lady Sas: Here's the final question: What are your plans for the future?
Mistress Ezada Sinn: I want to further develop my work as a producer. In the filming I see an excellent opportunity to share the ideas that fascinate me with the world. There will also be a new website shortly with a new concept, but I do not want to say too much about this before it is really finished. Stay tuned for further news on my website blog and on Twitter. And then, of course: Polyandry House, my Femdom home and mansion in the making.

Lady Sas: That sounds great! Thank you very much.

Mistress Ezada Sinn: You are most welcome. My pleasure.

You can find more information about Mistress Ezada Sinn here.

Follow Mistress Ezada Sinn on Twitter: @Mistress_Ezada

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Alice in Prostituteland

<<Alice Sala, an ethnologist from the University of Neuchâtel, worked for six months as a receptionist for a prostitute in an erotic massage parlor in Geneva, as field research for her master’s thesis called “Alice in Prostituteland.”<< writes magazine.

I think this article and interview with Alice Sala is interesting and so here's the link:

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"Genuss von Macht und Verehrung": Domina Silvia, Haßloch

Domina Silvia leitet das Studio "Die Sklavenschule – das exklusive Studio mit Atmosphäre". Er liegt in Haßloch, zwischen Neustadt, Mannheim und Ludwigshafen. Man merkt der attraktiven Lady an, dass sie über viel Erfahrung und Einfühlungsvermögen verfügt. Sie ist eine interessante Persönlichkeit mit einer tollen Ausstrahlung und es freut mich, dass sich Domina Silvia die Zeit genommen hat, einige Fragen zu beantworten. 

Lady Sas: Liebe Silvia, Du residierst in Haßloch. Wenn ich es richtig weiß, ist Haßloch bezogen auf die Einwohner das durchschnittliche Abbild Deutschlands, das daher gern für Marktforschungsuntersuchungen genutzt wird. Vor diesem Hintergrund könnten wir fast sagen, Deine Erfahrungen in Haßloch sind stellvertretend für Deutschland, oder?
Domina Silvia: Kompliment, gut recherchiertWenn man danach geht könnte man das so sagen (lacht).  

Lady Sas: Gibt es eine BDSM-Szene in Hassloch?
Domina Silvia: In Haßloch direkt nicht dass ich wüßte. Eher in Mannheim und Ludwigshafen. 

Lady Sas: Wie sieht die BDSM-Szene dort aus? 
Domina Silvia: Ich denke, wie in jeder anderen Stadt auch. Nette, offene Menschen. Ich Treffe einige Leute vom Stammtisch immer auf der SM-Party im Jails Mannheim.

Lady Sas: Findest Du, dass sich die BDSM-Szene in den letzten Jahren verändert hat?
Domina Silvia: Auf jeden Fall. 

Lady Sas: Welche Beobachtungen bzw. Entwicklungen fallen Dir auf?
Domina Silvia: Positiv: dass es offener geworden ist. Negativ: manchmal zu offen. Was mancher SM-Veranstalter leider mit Schließung der SM-Location oder SM-Events erfahren mußte.   

Lady Sas: Was meinst Du: Wie wichtig ist die Studio-Ausstattung für den Erfolg eines Studios? Domina Silvia: Ich denke, dass eine individuelle Ausstattung notwendig ist. Aber eine gute Ausstattung alleine bringt nicht den Erfolg.  

Lady Sas: Muss man ständig etwas Neues anschaffen?
Domina Silvia: Muß man nicht. Aber meist ein ,must have` weil manche neuen Dinge einfach genial sind.  

Lady Sas: Was reizt Dich persönlich am Thema FemDom?
Domina Silvia: Der ganz eigene Genuß von Macht und Verehrung. 

Lady Sas: Was inspiriert Dich, wie kommst Du auf neue Ideen für Sessions?
Domina Silvia: Da ich ein ausgesprochener Autodidakt bin, kann ich das gar nicht sagen. Eventuell manchmal die Gäste selber.

Lady Sas: Gab es ein Erlebnis im Studio, das Dir besonders im Kopf geblieben ist?
Domina SilviaJa. Ein Gast hatte es mal sehr eilig wieder zu gehen und als ich ihn fragte, warum er es so eilig hat, sagte er, dass Frau und Kind im Auto warten! Das war schon echt der Hammer.  

Lady Sas: Unfassbar! – Welche Tipps würdest Du einer Frau geben, die gerade anfängt, ihre Dominanz im privaten Bereich für sich zu entdecken?
Domina Silvia: Auf jeden Fall langsam an die Sache ranzugehen und sich auf jeden Fall, speziell für Fesselungen z.B., professionelle Hilfe zu holen. Am besten in Form von einem Bondageseminar, was ja von einigen Studios angeboten wird. 

Lady Sas: Welche Anfängerfehler sollte man als Herrin vermeiden?
Domina SilviaIch persönlich finde es unpassend, wenn die Herrin zu dem Sklaven sagt: "Jetzt mach mal bitte... könntest Du mal..." Ich meine damit, dass man einen Sklaven für etwas, was er tun soll nicht liebevoll den Befehl geben sollte. Schon gar nicht um etwas bitten."  

Lady Sas: Würdest Du sagen, dass das Thema SM kein Tabu mehr in der Gesellschaft ist? Ist SM im Mainstream angekommen?
Domina Silvia: Sicherlich ist es etwas mehr im Mainstream angekommen. Ganz besonders durch das Buch Shades of Grey. Aber sicherlich nicht in jeder Gesellschaft. Ich finde auch, dass es so in Ordnung ist.

Lady Sas: Wie findest Du den Ausgleich zu der Tätigkeit im Studio?
Domina Silvia: Ich reise gern, gehe gern Wandern (mit Hund), treibe Kraftsport und genieße die schöne Pfalz, das Leben und mein Partner. 

Lady Sas: Und eine letzte Frage: Wie sehen Deine Pläne für die Zukunft aus?
Domina Silvia: Der Autodidakt läßt sich auch diesbezüglich gerne treiben und schaut, was ihn erwartet.

Lady Sas: Danke für Deine Zeit, Silvia.

Weitere Informationen zu Domina Silvia gibt es hier.

Hinweis auf Wunsch von Domina Silvia:
"Einige Leute von diesem Stammtisch treffe ich immer im Jails."
Friends of Black Life, Ludwigshafen am Rhein.
Treffadresse: Brunhildenstraße 5, 67059 Ludwigshafen am Rhein.

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Interview with Lady Cheyenne de Muriel, Stuttgart

My slave Toytoy was very excited when I told him that Lady Cheyenne de Muriel from Stuttgart and Karlsruhe was to be my next interview guest. He revealed that he’s a great admirer of hers and owns two of her videos. I have viewed them and must admit that my slave has taste. They show Lady Cheyenne de Muriel as a Lady who clearly enjoys every moment of her domination. Like a virtuoso, she controls the play and immerses her slave in a virtual world with her skillful use of verbal seduction and domination. No slave can resist the powerful combination of her strict dominance and elegant beauty. For those of you who, like Toytoy, are fascinated by Lady Cheyenne, here is your chance to learn more about her. (Translation: Sklave M.)

Lady Sas: Dear Cheyenne, could you begin by telling us about your background: How did you first get to know BDSM, and how did you become a Dominatrix?
Lady Cheyenne de Muriel: Already in my early teens, I realised that my sexual preferences were not the same as other in my age group. As I come from a conservative family, I didn’t try to find out if my fantasies were normal or shared by others. However, already at an early age, I only had kinky or BDSM relationships; these became ever stronger in shaping my sexuality and made me realise that this was the only form of sexuality that I wanted to practice. Only much later, when I was in my early twenties, I discovered by chance on the Internet that there are special places, such as femdom studios, where people can freely live out fantasies such as mine. 

Lady Sas: Did you have any other career plans or ambitions?
Lady Cheyenne de Muriel: Of course I did. I have a university degree and consider my work as Dominatrix as a part-time profession as well as an opportunity to live out my fantasies.  As I’m also self-employed in my other job, I am free to organise my time as I wish. 

Lady Sas: What’s the attraction for you when you train slaves or slave girls? 
Lady Cheyenne de Muriel: It is very special to be so close to another person for a time — to be allowed to be part of his or her fantasy. Only very few professions provide an opportunity to be so close to your counterparts, to even dominate and control them. For me, every session is like an invitation to a movie, where I can play a leading part, and determine both the story how it develops. This is always very special and wonderful for me. It provides an enriching experience for my play partner, but also further broadens my horizon.  

Lady Sas: In your blog you write that you also train female slaves. Are you pleased with the response you’ve experienced for this?
Lady Cheyenne de Muriel: The positive response hasn’t surprised me. Because we’re all the same when it comes to sexual desire. It’s a shame that the media often portray a distorted picture of women that cleverly robs them of their self-confidence. In the face of this cultural and media pressure, women find it hard to take control of their own sexuality. For this reason, I am very critical of our modern-day “sexual revolution”, which doesn’t fully involve both sexes, even though it claims to do so. This critical view is part of my personality — even though I come from a strictly conservative background, I was always taught liberal values with regard to both men and women. 

Lady Sas: I have observed that male slaves are often subjected to chastity training, whereas slave girls are frequently used sexually by their masters. Does this match your experience? And what is your view of this? 
Lady Cheyenne de Muriel: On this topic I beg to differ slightly I don’t see any fundamental difference between men and women. Both have a primary desire to give up control to the Dominatrix. This is the key to their experience — no mater what their fantasies are.                                             

Lady Sas: How about a little experiment: What would you do if you were a man for a day? 
Lady Cheyenne de Muriel: I think I would stay home the whole day and wait until it’s over. I’m very happy to be a woman. I feel very comfortable with my gender and such an experiment would thus be very hard for me to bear. 

Lady Sas: That’s an interesting reply… Luckily it was just a hypothetical question. Tell me: what’s it like living in Stuttgart and Karlsruhe? Why don’t you move to a larger city like Berlin or Hamburg?
Lady Cheyenne de Muriel: I came to Stuttgart for professional and personal reasons. The city and the surrounding region of Baden-Württemberg have really won my heart. As I soon discovered, this area has so much culture to offer and the people here are also fascinating and pleasant. Yes, I enjoy living here.  

Lady Sas: What inspires you? Where do the ideas for your sessions come from? 
Lady Cheyenne de Muriel: My inspiration comes from my play partners. They give me new ideas. My experience in each session gives me a wealth of new thoughts that I can draw on for the next meeting. I’ve never watched a BDSM film, even though I’ve produced several clips about myself. I always try to activate my own creativity. Anything else would be an unnecessary influence and perhaps lead me to unwittingly copy someone else. I always want to be MYSELF, and act like MYSELF in every session. 

Lady Sas: Are you currently working on any projects?
Lady Cheyenne de Muriel: I always have new ideas that keep me busy. One example is an aesthetic use of film. I try to use my video clips to address certain activities and fetishes in a visual and classy way. I’m also constantly seeking to expand my collection of BDSM equipment for my guests. Whether it’s the new “Erostek ET-312B“ device for electric stimulation, special leather and rubber masks or many interesting and original toys — it’s always important to me to surprise my guests and offer them the best possible experience. 

Lady Sas: Do you sometimes wonder why some people have a need to be slaves? What is the reason for their fetish and for their behavior? For example, why a slave enjoys being humiliated?
Lady Cheyenne de Muriel: Naturally, I often know or can guess the psychological background, but if I were to analyse my play partner in this way, I would lack the necessary distance to control the “here and now”. And my focus is on what happens in the present. I also believe that we shouldn’t be obsessed with looking for reasons why we have this or that fetish. We should simply accept it and consciously live it. What’s more, we shouldn’t necessarily blame earlier experiences for current preferences or fetishes. I know from experience that not everything has its roots in our past. It’s often tempting to generalise when we’re trying to find an answer to a difficult question. In actual fact, there are many other factors that influence our fantasies. But this subject could fill a whole interview or even a special blog. 

 Lady Sas: A special blog? Perhaps that’s a bit too much… Anyway, let’s come to my last question: How do you switch off after a session? How do you balance your work in the studio with the rest of your life?
Lady Cheyenne de Muriel: My other job is my primary source of balance for my studio work. But I also have many other interests — such as music, any form of art (film and photography) and literature — that offer me another world I can escape to. Just as I seek to achieve depth in my sessions, so I also enjoy diving into other topics and activities. In addition, I like to experience and enjoy nature. Horse-riding helps me to relax and return my inner self to its original state, in which I can find new energy. I also balance my life by enjoying many different sports. 

Lady Sas: Dear Cheyenne, thank you speaking to us and sharing your insights!   Further information about this exceptional Lady can be found on Lady Cheyenne’s Website

Other interesting websites: Lady Cheyenne’s blog

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