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This is how you dominate today: Interview with Lady Velvet Steel.

Lady Velvet Steel is a lady of the “new generation”. Young, attractive, intelligent, confident, strong and at her height of the career. She offers not only an intense personal game, but also different forms of online dominance. I am excited to learn more about this. Lady Velvet Steel is also the initiator of the BDSM long-term project "prison camp". In this interview you will find the story behind this. Enjoy!
(Translation: Slave Tripple F)

Lady Sas: Dear Lady Velvet Steel, where did you get the name from and what does it mean?
Lady Velvet Steel: When starting out as a professional mistress, I called myself Lucy DeLunatic. Unfortunately, this word game turned out to be too complicated for the German guests and the name could not be pronounced properly. Almost a year after starting out as a mistress, I have decided to rename myself. Velvet - Velvet and Steel - Steel reflects my turn around to dominance again. I meet my guests and play partners as an equal human being at eye level, but they should not to be mistaken, as soon as the session begins, I will be in charge. However, even when the session is particularly hard or extremely humiliating, I do never lose the well-being of my guests out of sight. After an intense session I find it especially important to guide the guest back in to their everyday life.

Lady Sas: Interesting! Did you have a plan B if it had not worked out with your work as a mistress?Lady Velvet Steel:  I have not started out as a fulltime mistress; my passion introduced me step by step to this fascinating profession. Privately, I had a lot of experience, but working in a studio is completely different. Therefore, it was important for me to get trained in a studio. My teacher was a very discreet and excellent mistress who retired unfortunately into private life. At that time I financed my studies with typical student jobs and got self-employed as a pyro artist as well. In this respect I have never been reliant on x-amount of guests per day to be able to pay my bills. I would not have enjoyed this anyway. My approach to BDSM is a very personal, because I cannot and do not want to play with everyone. I do not want to miss this wonderful job by now. I am fortunate enough that a lot of great people do visit me, so I do not have to look for any other jobs…

Lady Sas: I have seen on your website that you are looking for quite a while now for a private cleaning slave. Why did you not find the right one yet?
Lady Velvet Steel: Of course, many ambitious cleaning slaves dream to enter into the service of a mistress. However, this mental cinema differs greatly from real life. During my daily sessions as a professional mistress, I fulfill the wishes of my customers, which is quite ok. I see myself as a professional mistress and to some extent as a service provider. Together, we are converting the guests’ mental cinema into reality. Privately, however, I have other demands. Because in my private life, MY head cinema should be addressed. The submissive enters MY privacy and has to serve according to MY needs. This is a great privilege, because I strictly differentiate between professional and personal life. On the other side, the candidate is faced sometimes with the harsh realities of the real service. Sometimes it is no fun and totally unsexy. This spring I had to let go a very promising maid, because he did not want to understand that the sub has to earn the privilege of service, but has no right to interfere in my private life nor “dramatically” beg for attention. That was really disappointing because he was almost a year in my service and I've spent a lot of time and work and he had already served me well over 9 years in a studio in Berlin. I expected much more. In short, in my private life I will not make any compromises, because I will only be satisfied with the best. This applies especially for a cleaning slave. Everything else would be nonsense, because if would not I would hire a professional cleaning service.

Lady Sas: You are a prison guard of the BDSM long-term project "prison camp“. What story is behind this project?
Lady Velvet Steel: Actually, I am the initiator of a penal camp, a part of my university for manual correction behavior. This is also an unusual and very intense game. The classic role-playing game is mixed with my enjoyment of manual corrective pedagogy - another bit of uniform fetishism, a pinch of tunnel games and the prison camp was born. Once or twice a year we invite people to this kind of group education. After an extensive application round, we carefully choose inmates for our camp and ensure that a permanent behavioral correction occurs within 48 hours. We - that is Mrs. Lieutenant Lady Alruna, camp physician Dr. Luff and I, Lady Major. We rely on a strict discipline, constant monitoring and individual educational procedures. In addition to the group training course there is also the possibility to address the most serious and persistent cases using dark prison cells or cellular confinement. At the moment I dream to play on a former Russian military base building a proper camp there and re-educate a whole group of men with a proper team. Oh my, my !

Lady Sas: Concerning online education you are stating: "I dedicate my passion also towards online games, because my best toy is your mind ...” What are the possibilities of online education?
Lady Velvet Steel: Now we are talking about a completely different scenario. At the moment, I think, online education is under – as well as over-estimated. On one hand “real” BDSM fans dismiss online education as “not authentic or virtual”, on the other hand some online guests expect the epiphany of their sexual fulfillment. Both types are somewhat crazy. Of course, online education does not replace any tangible spanking session, but that would be like comparing apples and oranges. To my mind online education for beginners is rather unsuitable, because after all there is quite a lot to discover and to learn at the beginning. Mainly beginners do contact me online, because it is anonymous and not so scary, like going to the studio. Online education has its funny parts for both sides such as classical types of sessions on webcam, with duties, penalties and instructions to cum, chastity, e-mail education, even demonstrations, either on webcam with spectators or directly in front of a streaming portal, where the slave must perform. The whole session can take place quickly and spontaneously, for example in front of a webcam, or even over a longer period, for example in a blog. Here is a beautiful example of a former slave of me:

This blog has been created within 3 month and shows very well that anything is possible. Due to the distance, for example, it is sometimes not possible to have a live session together. The same applies to the fact if the vanilla partner is opposed to BDSM or the session needs to be done very quickly. Other guests just enjoy the personal distance, the desire to be at a distance or anonymity. Also, there are certain styles that are almost done exclusively online, such as TeamViewer sessions, blackmail games or money slavery. I can already hear countless S&M people wrinkling their noses saying, that this is only to exploit weak characters, until their ruin, but I am convinced that these people have a lot of preconceptions and they do not understand this particular fetish. Personally, I do not judge other peoples’ fetishes, just because I do not get it right away.

Lady Sas: Of what should you be aware of when doing a "TeamViewer session" ?Lady Velvet Steel: TeamViewer is a program that allows control another computer remotely, if the game partner allows it. TeamViewer sessions deal a lot withrestrictions - for example restricting the internet access through activation of a child safety lock, control and humiliation, chat history and browser history check, find embarrassing pictures or private documents, etc. Everything is up to your imagination…!

Lady Sas: You are enjoying a reputation as a disciplinarian especially if it comes to strict punishments. Did it happen before, that a mistress has sent her slave to you to make you punish him properly? For example, in the context of your criminal camp?
Lady Velvet Steel: I get such requests quite frequently. If the young man is on time at the door, I do not care if the idea had been part of his head cinema or he actually looks for a prescribed punishment. Sometimes I get letters from women - again, I do not care whether they exist or not -in which the offenses are recorded and a penalty is proposed. I always find this very rewarding for my own head cinema and for my inspiration! Sometimes a guest comes with his wife, so that she can learn about demanding punishment methods, or that both of us can really enjoy making him suffer… However, one of my favorite memories is a whipping session, in which the man has brought his wife to me- she, a true masochist. He never really dared whipping her, the love and care for her had prevented him to do so. We had really a great session together!

Lady Sas: How do you feel about permanent marking of slaves? Would you accept a tattoo with your initials?
Lady Velvet Steel: If it make him happy? Why not? If a slave has the need to express his devotion and admiration by such a labeling, then of course I am very delighted. Personally, I do not need this. But - if I would find someday a beautiful property, then I will mark him as well - but I would prefer branding. A beautiful mark on the buttock, just like cattle (smiles).

Lady Sas: An exciting idea ... What are your plans for the future?
Lady Velvet Steel: First of all I would like to be able to experience a lot more nice sessions! I will remain member of the dominant guild for a lot of years to come. In the more immediate future, I would like to campaign for the recognition and de-stigmatization of sex workers. That is why I have joined the professional association of erotic and sexual services.

Lady Sas: Wow! Let me know when the time comes ... Thanks for this interesting conversation.

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