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Interview with Lady Victoria Valente, Stuttgart

Before Lady Victoria Valente discovered her vocation as a Dominatrix, she balanced her day job with part-time work as a fetish model. I can certainly see this experience reflected in her photos. Today, this beautiful Lady has her own studio: SM Studio Domatrix in Stuttgart, Germany. I spoke to Lady Victoria about BDSM, fetishism, the city of Stuttgart, ruined orgasms and her love of art. (Translation: Slave M)

Lady Sas: Dear Victoria, do you have the impression that more people are becoming interested in BDSM?
Lady Victoria Valente: Well, the Internet has certainly brought many changes. It offers access to pictures and films that visualize an incredibly wide range of BDSM activities, and also allows the public to read about the world or kink. This certainly makes people curious and interested. And we shouldn’t forget that the German edition of “Fifty Shades of Grey” is still sixth in the bestseller rankings of DER SPIEGEL magazine (February 2014). However, I should note that I don’t think much of such books — even though they have helped women in particular to discover completely new fantasies and have also sparked a certain hype around BDSM.

 Lady Sas: You live in Stuttgart, a city that doesn’t have the same open and liberal reputation as Berlin or Amsterdam. Is this impression justified or does your experience paint a different picture? 
Lady Victoria Valente: Yes, Stuttgart is clearly not Berlin or Amsterdam. Yet even in Stuttgart, it’s possible to meet other friends of BDSM at a fetish party. Also, several leading fetish photographers are based in this city. And we shouldn’t forget that Stuttgart is also the home of Madame Lisa: Her BDSM workshop has successfully conducted seminars, practical courses and personal coaching on BDSM topics for several years now. Quite a few femdom studios are located in Stuttgart, which — together with Karlsruhe — could be described as a regional centre of BDSM. 

Lady Sas: That’s fascinating — would you say that Stuttgart has its own BDSM community?
Lady Victoria Valente: Yes, it does. Although I must admit that I rarely participate nowadays, as I’m too busy running my own SM Studio Domatrix. 

Lady Sas: How are you able to continually devise new ideas for BDSM play? What is your source of inspiration?
Lady Victoria Valente:  I’m able to be creative, because I’m a very playful person and have an incredibly broad imagination. But I’d also say that my main source of inspiration is my play partner, my counterpart in BDSM play. When I’m filming my clips, I have many spontaneous ideas that suddenly appear out of nowhere, and which I enjoy turning into reality. 

Lady Sas: You seem to have a particular liking for “ruined orgasms”. What is this and why does this form of play fascinate you?
Lady Victoria Valente: It’s a shame that it’s not possible to publicly describe sexual practices in the current legal environment. As I don’t know whether your blog is restricted to adults above the age of eighteen, I can only outline “ruined orgasm” in very broad terms: It’s when a male physically ejaculates but isn’t able to have an orgasm in his head. Of course I should add that this doesn’t work with every man. For those who are curious: my clips provide a good illustration of what actually happens. I enjoy playing with a male’s climax, by keeping him aroused for long periods — which in itself can be a torture. And then I cruelly ruin the orgasm which my play partner has been yearning for so much. It’s a wonderful form of play! (smiles)

Lady Sas: What percentage of men would you guess to have a foot or shoe fetish? Why are so many attracted to this?
Lady Victoria Valente: I don’t have any precise statistics, but it’s clearly a fact that an incredibly large number of men are attracted to female shoes or feet. This fascination begins when they’re young, often starting in the family or with close acquaintances. For example, the aunt or mother who always wore high heels. Humans desire what they see. Perhaps it was triggered by a sister who painted her toenails red or wore beautiful stockings. A fetish is something that goes deep inside you and cannot be shaken off. The fascination is simply there, and a foot or shoe fetish is something wonderful and beautiful. I have a large collection of exclusive and attractive high heels and boots, as well as fine nylon stockings with wonderful seams. I have the most beautiful legs you ever saw — and I really enjoy foot and shoe fetish sessions, as they are wonderful and very sensitive! Such sessions are one of my favourite activities and men come to me from far and wide to worship my shoes and my feet.

Lady Sas: How do you balance your work as a Dominatrix with the rest of your life? Do you have any hobbies that help you to unwind?
Lady Victoria Valente: Yes, I have several hobbies — at the moment, one of my favourite pastimes is painting. But that can change again. I recently visited two amazing art exhibitions and was so inspired that I’ll be busy creating my own paintings in my leisure time over the next few weeks. 

Lady Sas: The new year is approaching. Do you have any resolutions for the coming year?
Lady Victoria Valente: I don’t have any special thoughts. Life is short, so I simply enjoy my sessions with my guests. I do the things that I enjoy and BDSM is certainly one of my great passions. I’m also planning to visit art exhibitions more often. And I won’t stop enjoying a nicely cooked steak. In a nutshell, my resolution would probably be: Live life to the fullest — and enjoy it.

Lady Sas: Well spoken! I wish you lots of enjoyable experiences. Thank you for sharing your insights with us. 

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