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Interview with Lady Pascal from Berlin

I’m very pleased to finally restore my interview with Lady Pascal to my blog. I lost it during the restructuring of my website, but now it’s back again — which is wonderful, as Lady Pascal is one of the most prominent and preeminent Dominatrices in Germany. She’s a Lady who knows what she’s talking about: confident, experienced, intelligent and blessed with timeless beauty. And above all, there is so much more to her than a casual observer would ever imagine. She runs her studio in Berlin solely as a “hobby”, as her main profession makes her financially independent. This allows her to truly enjoy her BDSM studio as she likes. Can any hobby be more exciting? I doubt it. 
(Translation: Slave M.)

Lady Sas: Dear Pascal, you have an excellent reputation and are rated as one of the leading Dominatrices in Germany. What advice would you give to a newcomer who aspires to emulate your success?

Lady Pascal: I don’t really have any specific advice for a new Dominatrix, as professional domination is a very personal activity and it’s also become much harder to establish yourself as a Dominatrix. I make myself scarce, don’t appear on every platform and there’s not a lot to read about me. I don’t accept every applicant and also reject prospective clients if their preferences don’t appeal to me. This is very important for me as I will absolutely not bend or adapt to anyone or anything. In contrast, a new Dominatrix will have to advertise much more in order to be noticed. Despite this, she should always stay “true to herself”, so that her sessions remain authentic and are not play-acting. An individual Domme who offers all services cannot be credible or authentic.

Lady Sas: How did you discover the world of fetishism and BDSM? Could you tell us about your first steps?

Lady Pascal: It began with some private experiences that aroused my curiosity. It’s not possible to explore all your sexual preferences with a single partner, so I decided to visit a professional studio. At this time, I wasn’t yet sure whether I would be able to explore my fantasies with “strangers”. However it wasn’t long before this actually became the focus of my attraction: I really enjoyed spending time with strangers to live out my fantasies. Being anonymous certainly had a particular attraction for me.

Lady Sas: You began your career in Düsseldorf, before moving to Stuttgart, Munich and Langenfeld. Now you live in Berlin, which has been your home since 2004. What attracted you to move to the capital city of Germany? 

Lady Pascal: My move here was motivated by private reasons.

Lady Sas: When you look back on the path you chose, is there anything you would change or do differently? What’s your view of how the BDSM and fetish scene has developed in recent years? Have you noticed any particular trends

Lady Pascal: I’m glad to say that there’s nothing I would do differently. I certainly had a lot of fun, but my experience has also enriched me in many other ways and helped me find my place. I only have a passing interest in the professional BDSM scene, as the way I work is very different from most professional studios. I don’t work every day and am not “open all hours”. Sometimes, it may not be possible to arrange a session with me for several weeks, as I’m busy with other matters. (She laughs) Professional training and development can also be enriching.I see BDSM and my studio as a hobby and I am motivated by my own pleasure. I earn my real money elsewhere. This makes me independent, which is something I value greatly. A Lady who wants to earn money in this profession often has to stretch herself quite far and make many compromises, starting with impossible working hours or services that are disagreeable to her or even unsafe or unhealthy. Not to mention the need to bow her own ego to her clients’ wishes.

Lady Sas: Has your profession changed you in any way? If yes, please tell us how? 

Lady Pascal: I make my own decisions and cannot be bought with money. This is more important for me than anything else.

Lady Sas: Could you see yourself in a different profession? Did you consider any other careers? 

Lady Pascal (smiles): I also have another profession that fulfils me and makes me happy. 

Lady Sas: I understand that you don’t have any colleagues in your Berlin studio. Why not? And what do you do if a client wishes to be dominated by two Ladies? 

Lady Pascal: Colleagues come with a commitment and want to be kept busy. This means that I couldn’t be independent and would have to adopt a purely commercial attitude. I have private contacts that I can use if a client wishes to serve a second Lady.

Lady Sas: On your website, you describe yourself as “powerful, but still hungry” — what is your motivation? What drives you?

Lady Pascal: I’m driven by “authentic” experiences, not by play-acting. And for this, I am very careful in selecting my “play partners”. There has to be a match between us. Nothing more, but also nothing less.

Lady Sas: Some slaves are always looking for the next kick. They’re chasing a never-ending escalation: harder, more extreme, more intense. I ask myself where this will lead? Do you have an answer? 

Lady Pascal: I don’t cater to such wishes. I do accompany the slave on his journey. And yes, I do support him in expanding his own limits, not not in every way and not at any price. Some things should remain in the realm of fantasy. Even without actually experiencing something, my verbal presence can create a virtual reality in the slave’s imagination. Still, I must admit that some trends in recent years do make me scratch my head in disbelief. The commercialisation of BDSM seems to be driving fantasies beyond all limits — and hospital emergency units are sometimes left to pick up the pieces.

Lady Sas: One final question: Can you describe a particularly memorable session? What was special about it?
Lady Pascal: Every session I experience is unique and I have many fond memories. For reasons of confidentiality, I certainly won’t describe any of them. But I can tell you that the best and most wonderful sessions take place in my private life (she smiles). 

Lady Sas: Thank you for the interview!
To find out more about Lady Pascal, visit her website.

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