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How slavegirl Emma became Mistress Emma.

Emma Gutversteckt at (Update: not available anymore) – that's finally an address you really can remember. I know Emma from her time as a slavegirl. The 1.80m tall, slim, attractive blonde was certainly the dream of many dominant men. But after a while Emma discovered her dominant side and since then, has worked as a Mistress. "I do bad things – and I do them very well," says a confident lady about herself. An interview about the change from the submissive to the dominant role, safety at play, the feeling to wear a strap-on and Emma's passion to travel. (Translation: Slave Tripple F)

Lady Sas: Dear Emma, you have changed sides since some time now and are working as Mistress Emma. How did that happen?
Mistress Emma: That was a rather unconscious and an especially unplanned development. If someone had told me two years ago that I would completely change the role to a Domina, I would have probably told him that he's crazy. It started out slowly and I got more and more into it. At first, I thought even switching would be an option, but the fact that men have been in front of me on their knees and kissed my feet, made me more and more horny and I realized that I will always want to experience exactly that feeling. And as always, if I want something, I just do it and get what I want.

Lady Sas: What is the difference between your role as Slave Emma and Mistress Emma?
Mistress Emma: The difference of course is great. As a slave I have been lead and now I decide what is going on.

Lady Sas: What advantages do you have knowing the passive side as well as your dominant role?
Mistress Emma: I think my experiences on the passive side are quite helpful because I can understand very well how it feels, what kind of feelings have to be overcome and also how you can put more unusual ideas into action. I have felt almost all the toys I use in my sessions and know exactly their effects.

Lady Sas: Should every Domina start out as a slave?
Mistress Emma: You should only begin as a slave, especially in that business, if you really feel this way. If you cannot convert pain and humiliation into pleasure, it eats you out very fast. You can easily see in the internet that only very few slaves can remain permanently on the market – and this has it reason. However, it certainly does not hurt to slip sometimes in private and secure surroundings in the other role and then you get a different perspective on the world.

Lady Sas: I can imagine that it has been difficult to surrender to a guest as a slave. How have been your experiences?
Mistress Emma: No, not at all. However, this was not because that my masochism was so huge, but much more because I have always selected my guests very carefully. It was not possible to book me as a slave without going out with me before a session to dinner, because I wanted to see and judge for myself, with whom I will be dealing. If it did not fit absolutely, I took the liberty to refuse a session. Although this procedure did not fit everyone, it lead to the fact, that I collected exclusively positive experiences and have never been the victim of "real violence ". I do not want to miss this time and all the different experiences and I do not regret absolutely anything.

Lady Sas: Good to hear. What is still of interests to me: Isn't it a big risk to trust a stranger as a slave? How can you limit the risk?
Mistress Emma: Unfortunately it does not work without taking a risk. As I have already mentioned, I started out with a shared meal and somebody else knew always in which hotel I was. During the session, I have never taken a gag, so I could make noises in the hotel or in the studio, if something went out of hand.

Lady Sas: As a slave you had to satisfy the customer sexually. As a dominatrix sex is now a taboo. What do you think: Why do male doms use their slaves sexually, but professional mistresses never have intercourse with their slaves?
Mistress Emma: I can only speak for myself and the explanation is quite simple: If you have a penis, you penetrate into the other one and in my eyes that is a very masculine and dominant act. When I was wearing a strap-one at first, I would have preferred to keep on that thing forever, because it gave me an enormous sense of power. I do not give up this feeling of power to my slaves and do not want to expect all this masculine aura from them either.

Lady Sas: Does it happen that also women or couples book sessions with you? Why are women more inhibited when talking about commercial erotic games?
Mistress Emma: Yes, I especially like to meet couples! The fact that women do not take part in commercial erotic sessions is due to the fact, that women can control their impulses much better. More so, women are finding a partner for sex much easier than men.

Lady Sas : You offer also long-term sessions. What was probably the longest so far?
Mistress Emma: The longest session has been 11 days and of course during this time has not been exclusively and consistently around BDSM. We have spent a very nice time together outside the session. Usually I have long-term sessions which last two or three days.

Lady Sas: This is really long! I have noticed that you are traveling a lot around the world. Why so? You are working also during your trips as a Mistress, right?
Mistress Emma : I love to travel the world and am I lucky enough to be able to realize this dream now. I am always a Mistress and of course international bookings are very welcome. I have always my toy case with me! (laughs)

Lady Sas: Please tell us what you like to do in your spare time.
Mistress Emma: In my spare time I read a tremendous amount, spend a lot of time on the beach and just enjoy life and the beauty around me.

Lady Sas: Last question: What are your plans for the future?

Mistress Emma: I still want to travel for a while and if I decide at some point, instead of being "Emma Gutversteckt" to become only "Emma", I will move completely to South America, buy me a mule (has to be called Fred) and sell together with him vegetables.

Lady Sas: That sounds great! Good luck and thank you very much for your time, Emma. It was a pleasure. 

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