Samstag, 7. Juni 2014

Finally in English: My book "Suddenly Dominatrix" is available.

Yes, it took some time. But finally here it is: my first book in the English language.

You can find it on amazon as an eBook (with an extract for free, "Look Inside"):

Many thanks to my Slave M and Mathias, who did their best and spent countless hours translating the German original. Awesome, thank you so much! I appreciate it.

I'm very pleased that finally all my friends outside Germany can read about my journey into BDSM. Enjoy! 

Kind and kinky Regards,
Lady Sas 

Book description:
Lady Sas is a private BDSM Mistress from Frankfurt in Germany. In her book, she provides a candid account of her path into the world of BDSM and fetishism. She explains what she enjoys about being a Dominatrix and how she lives out her passion as a private Mistress. 

Her story begins by telling how a traumatic event in her personal life led her to explore BDSM and describes the highs and lows she experienced until she found her slave Toytoy. She allows the reader to share her private BDSM play, and provides a graphic and vivid description of how she trains and uses her slave. (Not for faint-hearted readers!) The narrative and literal climax of the book is her joint session with Lady Cornelitas, in which her slave is taken to his physical and psychological limit – and even beyond… 
Her book offers readers an intimate, erotic and voyeuristic insight into her world. At the same time, it presents a portrait of a Lady, who was able to overcome a deep personal crisis and found her new happiness and a new future. It’s a book that provides encouragement to women and offers hope to prospective slaves. 

Contents: Back to the beginning. Separation over breakfast. A kingdom for a plan. Fascination and irritation. Where’s the catch? First time tangles. An exciting new world. First found, then bound. The next level of BDSM. Sissification. Massage skills. The visit. Lady Cornelitas. Surprises. Who owns the slave? Epilogue. Contact information. Glossary. Imprint.

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