Sonntag, 29. Juni 2014

Dieser dumme Altersunterschied!

Gesehen in der Berliner U-Bahn.

Liebe Lieben und Nicht-so-Lieben,

vor Kurzem war ich mit meinem Sklaven Toytoy für einen kurzen Besuch in Berlin. Eine private Dame treffen, aus Diskretionsgründen gehe ich nicht weiter darauf ein... ;-)

Es ist für mich nicht immer ganz einfach, mit ihm zu verreisen. Wie Ihr wisst, führe ich mit ihm keine Paar-Beziehung, sondern eine reine BDSM-Beziehung. Ich bin über 10 Jahre älter als er und daher ist es nicht ganz leicht für mich als "Paar" im Hotel abzusteigen. Nicht ganz leicht, weil es natürlich für Uneingeweihte so aussehen muss, als hätte sich die Lady einen deutlich jüngeren Lover angelacht. Und diesen Eindruck mag ich nicht besonders. Ich weiß, es gibt viele Beispiele von Frauen mit deutlich jüngerem Partner. Rational weiß ich das, aber emotional ist es sehr schwer zu fassen. Ich bin nun mal keine Madonna oder Sharon Stone, die das mit dem mega-großen Selbstbewusstsein eines internationalen Superstars angehen können. 

Im Hotel-Zimmer ist die Rollenverteilung dann wieder klar: Ich übernachte im bequemen Doppelbett, der Sklave in der geringfügig weniger komfortablen Dusche. 

Ich hatte schon überlegt, getrennte Zimmer zu nehmen. Und als "Kollegen" zu reisen. Aber das war mir dann doch zu albern und feige. Und als seine Mutter gebe ich mich auch nicht aus. Denn soooo alt bin ich dann nun auch wieder nicht ;-)

Lady Sas 

Sonntag, 22. Juni 2014

Interview with Lady Victoria Valente, Stuttgart

Before Lady Victoria Valente discovered her vocation as a Dominatrix, she balanced her day job with part-time work as a fetish model. I can certainly see this experience reflected in her photos. Today, this beautiful Lady has her own studio: SM Studio Domatrix in Stuttgart, Germany. I spoke to Lady Victoria about BDSM, fetishism, the city of Stuttgart, ruined orgasms and her love of art. (Translation: Slave M)

Lady Sas: Dear Victoria, do you have the impression that more people are becoming interested in BDSM?
Lady Victoria Valente: Well, the Internet has certainly brought many changes. It offers access to pictures and films that visualize an incredibly wide range of BDSM activities, and also allows the public to read about the world or kink. This certainly makes people curious and interested. And we shouldn’t forget that the German edition of “Fifty Shades of Grey” is still sixth in the bestseller rankings of DER SPIEGEL magazine (February 2014). However, I should note that I don’t think much of such books — even though they have helped women in particular to discover completely new fantasies and have also sparked a certain hype around BDSM.

 Lady Sas: You live in Stuttgart, a city that doesn’t have the same open and liberal reputation as Berlin or Amsterdam. Is this impression justified or does your experience paint a different picture? 
Lady Victoria Valente: Yes, Stuttgart is clearly not Berlin or Amsterdam. Yet even in Stuttgart, it’s possible to meet other friends of BDSM at a fetish party. Also, several leading fetish photographers are based in this city. And we shouldn’t forget that Stuttgart is also the home of Madame Lisa: Her BDSM workshop has successfully conducted seminars, practical courses and personal coaching on BDSM topics for several years now. Quite a few femdom studios are located in Stuttgart, which — together with Karlsruhe — could be described as a regional centre of BDSM. 

Lady Sas: That’s fascinating — would you say that Stuttgart has its own BDSM community?
Lady Victoria Valente: Yes, it does. Although I must admit that I rarely participate nowadays, as I’m too busy running my own SM Studio Domatrix. 

Lady Sas: How are you able to continually devise new ideas for BDSM play? What is your source of inspiration?
Lady Victoria Valente:  I’m able to be creative, because I’m a very playful person and have an incredibly broad imagination. But I’d also say that my main source of inspiration is my play partner, my counterpart in BDSM play. When I’m filming my clips, I have many spontaneous ideas that suddenly appear out of nowhere, and which I enjoy turning into reality. 

Lady Sas: You seem to have a particular liking for “ruined orgasms”. What is this and why does this form of play fascinate you?
Lady Victoria Valente: It’s a shame that it’s not possible to publicly describe sexual practices in the current legal environment. As I don’t know whether your blog is restricted to adults above the age of eighteen, I can only outline “ruined orgasm” in very broad terms: It’s when a male physically ejaculates but isn’t able to have an orgasm in his head. Of course I should add that this doesn’t work with every man. For those who are curious: my clips provide a good illustration of what actually happens. I enjoy playing with a male’s climax, by keeping him aroused for long periods — which in itself can be a torture. And then I cruelly ruin the orgasm which my play partner has been yearning for so much. It’s a wonderful form of play! (smiles)

Lady Sas: What percentage of men would you guess to have a foot or shoe fetish? Why are so many attracted to this?
Lady Victoria Valente: I don’t have any precise statistics, but it’s clearly a fact that an incredibly large number of men are attracted to female shoes or feet. This fascination begins when they’re young, often starting in the family or with close acquaintances. For example, the aunt or mother who always wore high heels. Humans desire what they see. Perhaps it was triggered by a sister who painted her toenails red or wore beautiful stockings. A fetish is something that goes deep inside you and cannot be shaken off. The fascination is simply there, and a foot or shoe fetish is something wonderful and beautiful. I have a large collection of exclusive and attractive high heels and boots, as well as fine nylon stockings with wonderful seams. I have the most beautiful legs you ever saw — and I really enjoy foot and shoe fetish sessions, as they are wonderful and very sensitive! Such sessions are one of my favourite activities and men come to me from far and wide to worship my shoes and my feet.

Lady Sas: How do you balance your work as a Dominatrix with the rest of your life? Do you have any hobbies that help you to unwind?
Lady Victoria Valente: Yes, I have several hobbies — at the moment, one of my favourite pastimes is painting. But that can change again. I recently visited two amazing art exhibitions and was so inspired that I’ll be busy creating my own paintings in my leisure time over the next few weeks. 

Lady Sas: The new year is approaching. Do you have any resolutions for the coming year?
Lady Victoria Valente: I don’t have any special thoughts. Life is short, so I simply enjoy my sessions with my guests. I do the things that I enjoy and BDSM is certainly one of my great passions. I’m also planning to visit art exhibitions more often. And I won’t stop enjoying a nicely cooked steak. In a nutshell, my resolution would probably be: Live life to the fullest — and enjoy it.

Lady Sas: Well spoken! I wish you lots of enjoyable experiences. Thank you for sharing your insights with us. 

Find out more about Lady Victoria Valente here:

Link to Madame Lisa’s BDSM workshop:BDSM-Seminare, Workshops und Personal Coaching - BDSM-Manufaktur Stuttgart

Learn more about Lady Sas here.

Donnerstag, 19. Juni 2014

How slavegirl Emma became Mistress Emma.

Emma Gutversteckt at (Update: not available anymore) – that's finally an address you really can remember. I know Emma from her time as a slavegirl. The 1.80m tall, slim, attractive blonde was certainly the dream of many dominant men. But after a while Emma discovered her dominant side and since then, has worked as a Mistress. "I do bad things – and I do them very well," says a confident lady about herself. An interview about the change from the submissive to the dominant role, safety at play, the feeling to wear a strap-on and Emma's passion to travel. (Translation: Slave Tripple F)

Lady Sas: Dear Emma, you have changed sides since some time now and are working as Mistress Emma. How did that happen?
Mistress Emma: That was a rather unconscious and an especially unplanned development. If someone had told me two years ago that I would completely change the role to a Domina, I would have probably told him that he's crazy. It started out slowly and I got more and more into it. At first, I thought even switching would be an option, but the fact that men have been in front of me on their knees and kissed my feet, made me more and more horny and I realized that I will always want to experience exactly that feeling. And as always, if I want something, I just do it and get what I want.

Lady Sas: What is the difference between your role as Slave Emma and Mistress Emma?
Mistress Emma: The difference of course is great. As a slave I have been lead and now I decide what is going on.

Lady Sas: What advantages do you have knowing the passive side as well as your dominant role?
Mistress Emma: I think my experiences on the passive side are quite helpful because I can understand very well how it feels, what kind of feelings have to be overcome and also how you can put more unusual ideas into action. I have felt almost all the toys I use in my sessions and know exactly their effects.

Lady Sas: Should every Domina start out as a slave?
Mistress Emma: You should only begin as a slave, especially in that business, if you really feel this way. If you cannot convert pain and humiliation into pleasure, it eats you out very fast. You can easily see in the internet that only very few slaves can remain permanently on the market – and this has it reason. However, it certainly does not hurt to slip sometimes in private and secure surroundings in the other role and then you get a different perspective on the world.

Lady Sas: I can imagine that it has been difficult to surrender to a guest as a slave. How have been your experiences?
Mistress Emma: No, not at all. However, this was not because that my masochism was so huge, but much more because I have always selected my guests very carefully. It was not possible to book me as a slave without going out with me before a session to dinner, because I wanted to see and judge for myself, with whom I will be dealing. If it did not fit absolutely, I took the liberty to refuse a session. Although this procedure did not fit everyone, it lead to the fact, that I collected exclusively positive experiences and have never been the victim of "real violence ". I do not want to miss this time and all the different experiences and I do not regret absolutely anything.

Lady Sas: Good to hear. What is still of interests to me: Isn't it a big risk to trust a stranger as a slave? How can you limit the risk?
Mistress Emma: Unfortunately it does not work without taking a risk. As I have already mentioned, I started out with a shared meal and somebody else knew always in which hotel I was. During the session, I have never taken a gag, so I could make noises in the hotel or in the studio, if something went out of hand.

Lady Sas: As a slave you had to satisfy the customer sexually. As a dominatrix sex is now a taboo. What do you think: Why do male doms use their slaves sexually, but professional mistresses never have intercourse with their slaves?
Mistress Emma: I can only speak for myself and the explanation is quite simple: If you have a penis, you penetrate into the other one and in my eyes that is a very masculine and dominant act. When I was wearing a strap-one at first, I would have preferred to keep on that thing forever, because it gave me an enormous sense of power. I do not give up this feeling of power to my slaves and do not want to expect all this masculine aura from them either.

Lady Sas: Does it happen that also women or couples book sessions with you? Why are women more inhibited when talking about commercial erotic games?
Mistress Emma: Yes, I especially like to meet couples! The fact that women do not take part in commercial erotic sessions is due to the fact, that women can control their impulses much better. More so, women are finding a partner for sex much easier than men.

Lady Sas : You offer also long-term sessions. What was probably the longest so far?
Mistress Emma: The longest session has been 11 days and of course during this time has not been exclusively and consistently around BDSM. We have spent a very nice time together outside the session. Usually I have long-term sessions which last two or three days.

Lady Sas: This is really long! I have noticed that you are traveling a lot around the world. Why so? You are working also during your trips as a Mistress, right?
Mistress Emma : I love to travel the world and am I lucky enough to be able to realize this dream now. I am always a Mistress and of course international bookings are very welcome. I have always my toy case with me! (laughs)

Lady Sas: Please tell us what you like to do in your spare time.
Mistress Emma: In my spare time I read a tremendous amount, spend a lot of time on the beach and just enjoy life and the beauty around me.

Lady Sas: Last question: What are your plans for the future?

Mistress Emma: I still want to travel for a while and if I decide at some point, instead of being "Emma Gutversteckt" to become only "Emma", I will move completely to South America, buy me a mule (has to be called Fred) and sell together with him vegetables.

Lady Sas: That sounds great! Good luck and thank you very much for your time, Emma. It was a pleasure. 

Learn more about Lady Sas here.

Sonntag, 15. Juni 2014

Interview with Lady Pascal from Berlin

I’m very pleased to finally restore my interview with Lady Pascal to my blog. I lost it during the restructuring of my website, but now it’s back again — which is wonderful, as Lady Pascal is one of the most prominent and preeminent Dominatrices in Germany. She’s a Lady who knows what she’s talking about: confident, experienced, intelligent and blessed with timeless beauty. And above all, there is so much more to her than a casual observer would ever imagine. She runs her studio in Berlin solely as a “hobby”, as her main profession makes her financially independent. This allows her to truly enjoy her BDSM studio as she likes. Can any hobby be more exciting? I doubt it. 
(Translation: Slave M.)

Lady Sas: Dear Pascal, you have an excellent reputation and are rated as one of the leading Dominatrices in Germany. What advice would you give to a newcomer who aspires to emulate your success?

Lady Pascal: I don’t really have any specific advice for a new Dominatrix, as professional domination is a very personal activity and it’s also become much harder to establish yourself as a Dominatrix. I make myself scarce, don’t appear on every platform and there’s not a lot to read about me. I don’t accept every applicant and also reject prospective clients if their preferences don’t appeal to me. This is very important for me as I will absolutely not bend or adapt to anyone or anything. In contrast, a new Dominatrix will have to advertise much more in order to be noticed. Despite this, she should always stay “true to herself”, so that her sessions remain authentic and are not play-acting. An individual Domme who offers all services cannot be credible or authentic.

Lady Sas: How did you discover the world of fetishism and BDSM? Could you tell us about your first steps?

Lady Pascal: It began with some private experiences that aroused my curiosity. It’s not possible to explore all your sexual preferences with a single partner, so I decided to visit a professional studio. At this time, I wasn’t yet sure whether I would be able to explore my fantasies with “strangers”. However it wasn’t long before this actually became the focus of my attraction: I really enjoyed spending time with strangers to live out my fantasies. Being anonymous certainly had a particular attraction for me.

Lady Sas: You began your career in Düsseldorf, before moving to Stuttgart, Munich and Langenfeld. Now you live in Berlin, which has been your home since 2004. What attracted you to move to the capital city of Germany? 

Lady Pascal: My move here was motivated by private reasons.

Lady Sas: When you look back on the path you chose, is there anything you would change or do differently? What’s your view of how the BDSM and fetish scene has developed in recent years? Have you noticed any particular trends

Lady Pascal: I’m glad to say that there’s nothing I would do differently. I certainly had a lot of fun, but my experience has also enriched me in many other ways and helped me find my place. I only have a passing interest in the professional BDSM scene, as the way I work is very different from most professional studios. I don’t work every day and am not “open all hours”. Sometimes, it may not be possible to arrange a session with me for several weeks, as I’m busy with other matters. (She laughs) Professional training and development can also be enriching.I see BDSM and my studio as a hobby and I am motivated by my own pleasure. I earn my real money elsewhere. This makes me independent, which is something I value greatly. A Lady who wants to earn money in this profession often has to stretch herself quite far and make many compromises, starting with impossible working hours or services that are disagreeable to her or even unsafe or unhealthy. Not to mention the need to bow her own ego to her clients’ wishes.

Lady Sas: Has your profession changed you in any way? If yes, please tell us how? 

Lady Pascal: I make my own decisions and cannot be bought with money. This is more important for me than anything else.

Lady Sas: Could you see yourself in a different profession? Did you consider any other careers? 

Lady Pascal (smiles): I also have another profession that fulfils me and makes me happy. 

Lady Sas: I understand that you don’t have any colleagues in your Berlin studio. Why not? And what do you do if a client wishes to be dominated by two Ladies? 

Lady Pascal: Colleagues come with a commitment and want to be kept busy. This means that I couldn’t be independent and would have to adopt a purely commercial attitude. I have private contacts that I can use if a client wishes to serve a second Lady.

Lady Sas: On your website, you describe yourself as “powerful, but still hungry” — what is your motivation? What drives you?

Lady Pascal: I’m driven by “authentic” experiences, not by play-acting. And for this, I am very careful in selecting my “play partners”. There has to be a match between us. Nothing more, but also nothing less.

Lady Sas: Some slaves are always looking for the next kick. They’re chasing a never-ending escalation: harder, more extreme, more intense. I ask myself where this will lead? Do you have an answer? 

Lady Pascal: I don’t cater to such wishes. I do accompany the slave on his journey. And yes, I do support him in expanding his own limits, not not in every way and not at any price. Some things should remain in the realm of fantasy. Even without actually experiencing something, my verbal presence can create a virtual reality in the slave’s imagination. Still, I must admit that some trends in recent years do make me scratch my head in disbelief. The commercialisation of BDSM seems to be driving fantasies beyond all limits — and hospital emergency units are sometimes left to pick up the pieces.

Lady Sas: One final question: Can you describe a particularly memorable session? What was special about it?
Lady Pascal: Every session I experience is unique and I have many fond memories. For reasons of confidentiality, I certainly won’t describe any of them. But I can tell you that the best and most wonderful sessions take place in my private life (she smiles). 

Lady Sas: Thank you for the interview!
To find out more about Lady Pascal, visit her website.

Learn more about Lady Sas here.

Sonntag, 8. Juni 2014

This is how you dominate today: Interview with Lady Velvet Steel.

Lady Velvet Steel is a lady of the “new generation”. Young, attractive, intelligent, confident, strong and at her height of the career. She offers not only an intense personal game, but also different forms of online dominance. I am excited to learn more about this. Lady Velvet Steel is also the initiator of the BDSM long-term project "prison camp". In this interview you will find the story behind this. Enjoy!
(Translation: Slave Tripple F)

Lady Sas: Dear Lady Velvet Steel, where did you get the name from and what does it mean?
Lady Velvet Steel: When starting out as a professional mistress, I called myself Lucy DeLunatic. Unfortunately, this word game turned out to be too complicated for the German guests and the name could not be pronounced properly. Almost a year after starting out as a mistress, I have decided to rename myself. Velvet - Velvet and Steel - Steel reflects my turn around to dominance again. I meet my guests and play partners as an equal human being at eye level, but they should not to be mistaken, as soon as the session begins, I will be in charge. However, even when the session is particularly hard or extremely humiliating, I do never lose the well-being of my guests out of sight. After an intense session I find it especially important to guide the guest back in to their everyday life.

Lady Sas: Interesting! Did you have a plan B if it had not worked out with your work as a mistress?Lady Velvet Steel:  I have not started out as a fulltime mistress; my passion introduced me step by step to this fascinating profession. Privately, I had a lot of experience, but working in a studio is completely different. Therefore, it was important for me to get trained in a studio. My teacher was a very discreet and excellent mistress who retired unfortunately into private life. At that time I financed my studies with typical student jobs and got self-employed as a pyro artist as well. In this respect I have never been reliant on x-amount of guests per day to be able to pay my bills. I would not have enjoyed this anyway. My approach to BDSM is a very personal, because I cannot and do not want to play with everyone. I do not want to miss this wonderful job by now. I am fortunate enough that a lot of great people do visit me, so I do not have to look for any other jobs…

Lady Sas: I have seen on your website that you are looking for quite a while now for a private cleaning slave. Why did you not find the right one yet?
Lady Velvet Steel: Of course, many ambitious cleaning slaves dream to enter into the service of a mistress. However, this mental cinema differs greatly from real life. During my daily sessions as a professional mistress, I fulfill the wishes of my customers, which is quite ok. I see myself as a professional mistress and to some extent as a service provider. Together, we are converting the guests’ mental cinema into reality. Privately, however, I have other demands. Because in my private life, MY head cinema should be addressed. The submissive enters MY privacy and has to serve according to MY needs. This is a great privilege, because I strictly differentiate between professional and personal life. On the other side, the candidate is faced sometimes with the harsh realities of the real service. Sometimes it is no fun and totally unsexy. This spring I had to let go a very promising maid, because he did not want to understand that the sub has to earn the privilege of service, but has no right to interfere in my private life nor “dramatically” beg for attention. That was really disappointing because he was almost a year in my service and I've spent a lot of time and work and he had already served me well over 9 years in a studio in Berlin. I expected much more. In short, in my private life I will not make any compromises, because I will only be satisfied with the best. This applies especially for a cleaning slave. Everything else would be nonsense, because if would not I would hire a professional cleaning service.

Lady Sas: You are a prison guard of the BDSM long-term project "prison camp“. What story is behind this project?
Lady Velvet Steel: Actually, I am the initiator of a penal camp, a part of my university for manual correction behavior. This is also an unusual and very intense game. The classic role-playing game is mixed with my enjoyment of manual corrective pedagogy - another bit of uniform fetishism, a pinch of tunnel games and the prison camp was born. Once or twice a year we invite people to this kind of group education. After an extensive application round, we carefully choose inmates for our camp and ensure that a permanent behavioral correction occurs within 48 hours. We - that is Mrs. Lieutenant Lady Alruna, camp physician Dr. Luff and I, Lady Major. We rely on a strict discipline, constant monitoring and individual educational procedures. In addition to the group training course there is also the possibility to address the most serious and persistent cases using dark prison cells or cellular confinement. At the moment I dream to play on a former Russian military base building a proper camp there and re-educate a whole group of men with a proper team. Oh my, my !

Lady Sas: Concerning online education you are stating: "I dedicate my passion also towards online games, because my best toy is your mind ...” What are the possibilities of online education?
Lady Velvet Steel: Now we are talking about a completely different scenario. At the moment, I think, online education is under – as well as over-estimated. On one hand “real” BDSM fans dismiss online education as “not authentic or virtual”, on the other hand some online guests expect the epiphany of their sexual fulfillment. Both types are somewhat crazy. Of course, online education does not replace any tangible spanking session, but that would be like comparing apples and oranges. To my mind online education for beginners is rather unsuitable, because after all there is quite a lot to discover and to learn at the beginning. Mainly beginners do contact me online, because it is anonymous and not so scary, like going to the studio. Online education has its funny parts for both sides such as classical types of sessions on webcam, with duties, penalties and instructions to cum, chastity, e-mail education, even demonstrations, either on webcam with spectators or directly in front of a streaming portal, where the slave must perform. The whole session can take place quickly and spontaneously, for example in front of a webcam, or even over a longer period, for example in a blog. Here is a beautiful example of a former slave of me:

This blog has been created within 3 month and shows very well that anything is possible. Due to the distance, for example, it is sometimes not possible to have a live session together. The same applies to the fact if the vanilla partner is opposed to BDSM or the session needs to be done very quickly. Other guests just enjoy the personal distance, the desire to be at a distance or anonymity. Also, there are certain styles that are almost done exclusively online, such as TeamViewer sessions, blackmail games or money slavery. I can already hear countless S&M people wrinkling their noses saying, that this is only to exploit weak characters, until their ruin, but I am convinced that these people have a lot of preconceptions and they do not understand this particular fetish. Personally, I do not judge other peoples’ fetishes, just because I do not get it right away.

Lady Sas: Of what should you be aware of when doing a "TeamViewer session" ?Lady Velvet Steel: TeamViewer is a program that allows control another computer remotely, if the game partner allows it. TeamViewer sessions deal a lot withrestrictions - for example restricting the internet access through activation of a child safety lock, control and humiliation, chat history and browser history check, find embarrassing pictures or private documents, etc. Everything is up to your imagination…!

Lady Sas: You are enjoying a reputation as a disciplinarian especially if it comes to strict punishments. Did it happen before, that a mistress has sent her slave to you to make you punish him properly? For example, in the context of your criminal camp?
Lady Velvet Steel: I get such requests quite frequently. If the young man is on time at the door, I do not care if the idea had been part of his head cinema or he actually looks for a prescribed punishment. Sometimes I get letters from women - again, I do not care whether they exist or not -in which the offenses are recorded and a penalty is proposed. I always find this very rewarding for my own head cinema and for my inspiration! Sometimes a guest comes with his wife, so that she can learn about demanding punishment methods, or that both of us can really enjoy making him suffer… However, one of my favorite memories is a whipping session, in which the man has brought his wife to me- she, a true masochist. He never really dared whipping her, the love and care for her had prevented him to do so. We had really a great session together!

Lady Sas: How do you feel about permanent marking of slaves? Would you accept a tattoo with your initials?
Lady Velvet Steel: If it make him happy? Why not? If a slave has the need to express his devotion and admiration by such a labeling, then of course I am very delighted. Personally, I do not need this. But - if I would find someday a beautiful property, then I will mark him as well - but I would prefer branding. A beautiful mark on the buttock, just like cattle (smiles).

Lady Sas: An exciting idea ... What are your plans for the future?
Lady Velvet Steel: First of all I would like to be able to experience a lot more nice sessions! I will remain member of the dominant guild for a lot of years to come. In the more immediate future, I would like to campaign for the recognition and de-stigmatization of sex workers. That is why I have joined the professional association of erotic and sexual services.

Lady Sas: Wow! Let me know when the time comes ... Thanks for this interesting conversation.

Here you can find out more about Lady Velvet Steel.

Learn more about Lady Sas here.

Samstag, 7. Juni 2014

Finally in English: My book "Suddenly Dominatrix" is available.

Yes, it took some time. But finally here it is: my first book in the English language.

You can find it on amazon as an eBook (with an extract for free, "Look Inside"):

Many thanks to my Slave M and Mathias, who did their best and spent countless hours translating the German original. Awesome, thank you so much! I appreciate it.

I'm very pleased that finally all my friends outside Germany can read about my journey into BDSM. Enjoy! 

Kind and kinky Regards,
Lady Sas 

Book description:
Lady Sas is a private BDSM Mistress from Frankfurt in Germany. In her book, she provides a candid account of her path into the world of BDSM and fetishism. She explains what she enjoys about being a Dominatrix and how she lives out her passion as a private Mistress. 

Her story begins by telling how a traumatic event in her personal life led her to explore BDSM and describes the highs and lows she experienced until she found her slave Toytoy. She allows the reader to share her private BDSM play, and provides a graphic and vivid description of how she trains and uses her slave. (Not for faint-hearted readers!) The narrative and literal climax of the book is her joint session with Lady Cornelitas, in which her slave is taken to his physical and psychological limit – and even beyond… 
Her book offers readers an intimate, erotic and voyeuristic insight into her world. At the same time, it presents a portrait of a Lady, who was able to overcome a deep personal crisis and found her new happiness and a new future. It’s a book that provides encouragement to women and offers hope to prospective slaves. 

Contents: Back to the beginning. Separation over breakfast. A kingdom for a plan. Fascination and irritation. Where’s the catch? First time tangles. An exciting new world. First found, then bound. The next level of BDSM. Sissification. Massage skills. The visit. Lady Cornelitas. Surprises. Who owns the slave? Epilogue. Contact information. Glossary. Imprint.