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Interview with Madame Catarina, Berlin

Lady Sas: Dear Catarina, actually I will ask you a question which is part of every interview, but it is far too interesting not to ask: How did you become aware of BDSM and what was your way into a BDSM-Studio? 
Madame Catarina: I have to go back quite a bit. Do you have time? (Smiles) I think my first contact with the subject of fetish or BDSM was when I was about 14. I listened to a certain kind of music – about "Severina " and “painful lust " and things like that; everything a bit dark and mysterious, which fascinated me a lot back then. A few years later I met a young woman in a restaurant in Berlin, who made home visits, offering the "normal service", but she also told a story about a guy, crawling around on the floor and doing everything she wants... and he also loved pain. Well, I pestered her with questions and finally one day she let me watch her performing. Oh my god, you cannot imagine how excited I was. It took still some time to own a studio – but this was the initial spark.

Lady Sas: You describe yourself as an "expert in flagellation, bastinado and training of boot slaves". Where do these preferences come from and how have they evolved?

Madame Catarina: Good question ... why might someone prefer chicken instead of fish, or not eat meat? I have tried everything, in the beginning, even latex and clinic games. I can perfectly place catheters, syringes, needles and stitching, but that was about it. I really did not want to find myself again and again in the role of a doctor or rubber mistress.
In general, I prefer the beating, classical Venus with the braided bullwhip, the Czarina, which whips ... I think in my head, that BDSM takes place in the last century or earlier. You can see this very well in my studio.

I love the power, the twitching naked flesh, the slave moaning in pain, the skin, at first showing only slight changes in color, then more noticeable traces ... that just operates a switch in my head. And then I love a nice big fillet of beef, very rare please! BUT this only gives me pleasure if I have the right counterpart ,I take no joy in just hitting a defenseless victim , I might as well be hitting a half pig from the butcher  Which is no fun ;-)

Lady Sas: Recently I have read on that you assure slaves, not to ask too much from them and not to expect them to be like Caneboy in your movies. Do beginners still come to you?
Madame Catarina: Even before Caneboy, I had the reputation of being quite hard. Strangely enough though, when I 'm doing a double session or I see pictures I feel that other women are harder it seems to be purely subjective. Where this particular reputation comes from - I do not know - I can be very hard, but on the other side I am for example extremely concerned about safety– I am always aware of safety with all my senses. In a flag session, I usually do one or two strokes in advance before the "Stop" or "Mercy“will be heard. But there are also many things I would never do. If I cannot guarantee the safety of these things I simply do not practice them.

As for beginners are ... if I 'm honest after nearly 20 years of experience, they are no longer really to my taste. Nothing to do with the toughness, but rather with the extent of possibilities, I personally feel simply not challenged enough. I always start the game right at the studio door, preliminary talks are done in advance by email - this would rarely be possible with a beginner, I think. However, there are also quite brave guests who described themselves as flagellants, because they thought otherwise they could not to get an appointment. Luckily, I always notice very quickly what they can bear and then do something else.

Lady Sas: You are filming BDSM movies and have your own movie page. Where do the ideas for stories and scenarios come from?
Madame Catarina: From a lot of places. If, for example, I have a different location than my studio for a shoot, I share this with the performer and ask him, what he thinks of this and whether he has any ideas. Or sometimes I want to shoot this or that story, so I ask him what he thinks? Some performers, with whom I have worked together for many years, love to write a script at home, which then serves me as a template, because it matches naturally 100 % to their dispositions. But often it excites me just to slip into the role of an agent, a lady squire, a lawyer with a dubious hobby or methods, and then I do live out my fantasies, which are a nice alternative to my studio sessions.

Lady Sas: In my perception, almost all slaves have a fetish for High Heels. What are your observations on this? Do you have an explanation for this phenomenon?

Madame Catarina: Do they, the slaves? (Smiles) They can be very lucky that I love High Heels, especially boots... A nice metal stiletto can be a fearful weapon, same as long fingernails and I usually stand half a head taller - so then the game is already won. But the fascination with high heels is related to the extended physique of a woman - her legs are somewhat longer, the pelvis moves more. The whole set up now in a BDSM context – I imagine a cell, the approaching sound of metal heels ... Head cinema at its best!

Lady Sas: Do you have a tip for all women who are in the role of a mistress and feel a little insecure?
Madame Catarina: Learn, learn, learn – and: stay true to yourself! 

Lady Sas: What beginner’s mistakes should be avoided by a dominant lady?
Madame Catarina: No drugs, no alcohol and just do not care what is written about you! So many stories have been written about me... which could quickly make a young inexperienced woman insecure. So my dear, it is just envy – but this should incite you. 

Lady Sas: Do you still have other hobbies? How do you manage the balance between these and the studio?

Madame Catarina: For my daily balance I have a huge dog who demands its exercise, but this is more to compensate for the work on the PC, since I am responsible for my own websites and also edit the movies myself.
I love good food, and I love to travel and I do it extensively. I would say as a basic and I like to share it with a tight circle of friends, consisting of non BDSM persons or family principle you should not take on every paying guest or slave, this way you will not burn out so quickly and theoretically you do not need so much to balance.

Lady Sas: You are a very attractive woman. How do you deal with it, when a slave falls in love with you?
Madame Catarina: Did this ever happen? (Smiles) I do not know, at least I have not been told. I think all slaves are a bit in love with their mistress, when they visit her over a longer period of time. And I think it comes down mostly to adoration with the role and not to oneself. Who knows the person or personality behind the "Mistress"? – Just very, very few guests do. In the end, most men would rather play with their partner than going to a studio; but unfortunately this is not possible in most cases.

Lady Sas: Catarina, thank you very much for taking the time.

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  1. what a wonderful and insightful interview. Madame Catarina is a truly remarkable and very special mistress. It is wondeful to have confirmed that her enjoyment in using her slaves which is so evident in her movies is so evidently 100% genuine. A true goddess.

    1. You are one fortunate slave. So, in film and life she is real deal... Cool! It really comes across that way. She is magnificent!

  2. Thank you for this wonderful interview. As a fan of Madame Catarina, I understand even better how shei is so admirable

  3. Honorable Madame Catarina I admire your legs and the way you treat men I want to serve you and obey you But when I just follow your orders am I a defenseless victim of no interest to you How do I have to defend myself