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Interview with Lady Samantha from Koblenz, Germany

Lady Sas: Dear Samantha, how has your work as a dominatrix changed your view towards men?
Lady Samantha: Over the years I got to know the psyche of men better since BDSM is more than 90% a head thing. Working as a dominatrix did not change the view towards men, but I can understand the creature “man” far better. I know what makes him move and drives, also the pressure under which he stands outside of BDSM. Many of my guests are very successful businessmen. It is particularly interesting to see how they motivate themselves and let them guide me. In no way I despise men or condemn them. Oh no! Men are something very wonderful if a woman knows how they have to be handled. (Smiles)

Lady Sas: You work as a psychologist and occupy yourself with in-depth psychological explanations for BDSM inclinations. There are many explanations. Which is the most possible? How do you explain your own dominant-sadistic tendencies?
Lady Samantha: A real explanation does not exist. There may have been a triggering moment in childhood / early adolescence, however this cannot be precisely defined.I am working in my psychological practice less with the explanatory models, but to accept these inclination and predisposition and therefore live happy in the future. Unfortunately, this is a big challenge for many people.

Lady Sas: You offer various forms of long-term education. How long was the longest long- time education?
Lady Samantha: My limit is 72 hours. After this time the subject has reached a limit, because physically and mentally I do ask a lot of my guests. This limit is referred to only the duration of the physical presence. Some loyal slaves are going quite 24/7/365. This also provides a certain kind of captivity, through tasks, strict controls and rigorous penalties and also occasional praise, I do take a large amount of freedom. It is comparable with the electronic ankle bracelet and I am preparing some of these slaves for stays longer than 72 hours. This goes into the area of boundary extension and TPE – which means, that a dominatrix has to be very carefully and thoughtfully.

Lady Sas: What inspires you? How do you get new ideas?    

Lady Samantha: Fortunately, I have enough imagination. Based on my online questionnaire I design an appropriate scenario. The more extensive the preferences are, the more exciting can be the session, of course. Also from my psychological practice I draw inspiration. BDSM is communication. And who knows the rules of the communication is also able to manipulate. It may not always be the sharp physical pain. This also gives me even in long -time and distance education scenarios a wealth of ideas.

Lady Sas: You constantly need new personal progressions? The ever-changing kick?
Lady Samantha: Every man is different and therefore also a new experience and challenge. It's a mutual give and take. And it's always about exploring a new stimulus, how much a man is ready to give. I do not mean money. No, money does not hurt most men. I want to know what he is willing to endure for me. With this life,  I am very happy and satisfied.

Lady Sas: How do you manage to find distance to the studio? How do you relax?
Lady Samantha: I relax by being comfortable, sometimes far away from BDSM. Wellness, music, literature, art. And I do enjoy just to feel good and that my soul rests in peace. These time-outs are very important. Of course, the psychological practice offers a variety and a distance from the studio scene . 

Lady Sas: I get - as a private mistress in her 40s - lately more and more inquiries from much younger men. Why is that? What do see submissive men at the age of end 20 in dominant women in their 40s?
Lady Samantha: They love the sovereignty, the experience and self-confidence of women of this age. Maturity is quite preferred in BDSM. So-called "young mistresses“ are rarely visited by truly submissive men. This is in most cases the "lust for flesh“ , the so-called erotic dominance , not S&M . Men are looking for an erotic game right there.
A man whose true passion is the devotion, will see a more mature, experienced - a classic dominatrix. His willingness to submission arises from the respect he brings to the mistress. In the case of young - mistresses, it is rather the desire for the humiliation of having to bend to the will of such a young woman. Also, the protective instinct is relevant here, and finds its expression in the success of the Money Mistresses. This expression is in the field of classical dominance - and these are mostly mature ladies - just not to be found. Rather, the young man is looking for orientation, guidance, strict management and control. He wants to be dominated, not be played with.

Lady Sas: Is BDSM an accident of nature or the whole thing has a more deeper meaning? What do you think?
Lady Samantha: BDSM is a real change of consciousness and always requires extended horizons. There is a much wider depth than in "normal" sex. Frequently BDSM is a valve to let off pressure to be able to let go and to live roles that are not possible in everyday life. BDSM is a balance, an extremely emotional balance.

Lady Sas: If you would be 18 again - what would you do differently?
Lady Samantha: Not to commit the usual mistake of youth. But on the whole, there is little to regret. I agree happily with Edit Piaf "je ne reg .... "

Lady Sas: What are your plans for the future?
Lady Samantha: Enjoying life to the fullest and let me indulge my submissive gallants for a long time. Of course I have lots of wishes, dreams, plans and goals. But I enjoy the moment, rest in myself. I watch the development in our fast-paced time, act and react. But always with a certain calmness.

Lady Sas: Thank you very much.

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